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Report Builder Cloud: Release Notes 08-18-2020

We’ve released a major FastTrack update! Our time tracking and reporting app is now called Report Builder: Timesheets and Data Analysis. Report Builder contains every FastTrack feature – and much more!

We’ve made some general improvements for our app Report Builder, which will give users more possibilities for individual time tracking and reporting and assures an easier handling.


  • We’ve added a request pagination to all the possible requests in My Timesheets and Time Reports to get data in small portions and show the results much faster.
  • We’ve added the new module Scripted Reports! You are now able pick a template from the integrated gallery and work on your reports in HTML and JavaScript to make them even more individual.

My Timesheets

  • We have improved the performance of the issue pickers in the “Add new work log” dialogue. Now you can easily select issues of 3 categories: “Recently viewed”, “Assigned to you” and “Any”, where you can find any ticket by key or summary.
  • Calendar view: The ability to show the status color of a ticket has been implemented.
  • Double click on any work log will open the “Edit work log” dialogue. From now on you can easily review and edit your personal work logs.

Time Reports

  • Pivot Reports: We’ve added the ability to insert any custom field of numeric type. Now you can calculate the summary (SUM) of any numeric custom field with work logs.
  • Pivot Reports: We’ve implemented the ability to add “Epic Link”, “Epic Name” and “Epic status” to the columns.
  • A report loading status has been added. Also you can cancel your request if a wrong scope was defined.
  • The UI of Time Reports has been updated to support long names.
  • Time Reports page has been updated to be more flexible and support different screen sizes.
  • We’ve implemented the rounding of results to 2 decimal places. The problem can be relevant for work logs with minutes (e.g. 1,25 hours).
  • The bug in “filter by” when picking only a single elements has been fixed. We will rebuild the component completely to be for flexible and userfriendly.


  • Team roles improvements: Now users who are no team leader or team managers cannot edit teams, add new members or change user roles.
  • The UI has been changed, so that long team names are better visible.
  • We’ve added a new team creation dialogue.
  • We’ve fixed the bug in team timesheets. Now it is possible to see timesheets only of users which belong to the respective team.
  • We’ve fixed the bug concerning the ability of users without required permissions to see team timesheets.

Further information on Report Builder will follow shortly!

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