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Managing remote teams and keeping track of time


If you’ve ever managed a remote team before, you know how difficult it can be to keep everyone aligned. The challenges that describe managing remote teams could be summarized as a lack of face-to-face supervision, clear expectations, communication such as low productivity, and social isolation.

But don’t worry, we’ve got something for you to enhance your team’s productivity.

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Tips how to manage remote teams

Elevating communication levels by:

  • Noticing miscommunication issues and solving them early

  • Maintaining team spirit

  • Consulting with team members regularly

  • Using online communication and collaboration tools

  • Keeping work rules and processes straightforward and clear

Creating a strong company culture

Creating an overall culture for your business where employees can identify with its values, beliefs, behaviors, goals, attitudes, and work practices will result in increased productivity and creativity of your remote team.

Use a time-tracking tool

When you manage remote teams and want to get the maximum performance, an efficient time tracking tool is unavoidable. There are many benefits of a time-tracking tool. Here is an overview of the most important six:

  • A time-tracking tool can help you track team members’ productivity by recording their time on job activities and comparing it to estimated time.

  • Through time tracking tools, you can use data to assess delegated tasks.

  • Time-tracking software organizes team workload and helps with decision-making.

  • Set vacation policies and avoid understaffing. A time-tracking tool can alert you of absences.

  • Time-tracking software can help individuals and organizations to be more productive.

Manage remote teams easily using time tracking

Time tracking is one of the critical elements in managing remote teams. The benefits of these tools will offer an overview of your teams’ capacity, while it’s easy for you to identify roadblocks and solve them. Timesheets are outstanding for team management, providing a more realistic estimate for tasks, indicating the hours your team spends per project, and comparing productivity over time.

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