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Confluence for marketing teams: next level marketing with these tips


Hardly a marketing team hasn’t experienced this scenario: Someone at some point has come up with an excellent content strategy, but the mass of documents, notes, plans, and analyses in various local applications makes it difficult to find them. If a stakeholder then wants the latest update at short notice, the chaos is complete.

Unfortunately, such situations are often part of the daily routine of marketing teams. The desire to work in an agile and dynamic way leads to many content ideas and updates. If these are not documented transparently, not only internal but also external communication suffers.

This is where Confluence Cloud becomes important. As a tool for communication and knowledge transfer, it optimizes your marketing strategy by worlds.

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In this article, we explain how to use Confluence Cloud effectively for your marketing team.

Daily challenges for marketing teams

Structured marketing strategies are essential to achieve company goals and align the company with market needs. Together as a team, you prioritize topics, hold regular brainstorming meetings, and create competitor analyses. You also manage social media channels and deliver reports to stakeholders.

But day-to-day business also brings some challenges:

  • Managing the enormous flood of data

  • Clearly document important ideas

  • Regulate responsibilities transparently

  • Promote an open feedback culture

  • Single source for diverse content

  • Notifications about version changes

  • Optimize (worldwide) remote work

You can overcome these hurdles with one single tool: Confluence Cloud.

What is Confluence Cloud?

Confluence Cloud is a digital team workspace that operates completely independent of time and location. Knowledge management, project collaboration and a modern intranet come together, at a single source of truth.

You can set access to specific areas for your team members. For example, you can create a marketing area where everyone can add current work. These documents are accessible to all and can be edited simultaneously. Version histories provide the ideal overview. In addition, you receive a notification as soon as something has been changed in one of your documents.

The centralization of information exchange ensures transparency. In this way, you can make qualified decisions faster and manage problems more easily.

How your marketing team works optimally with Confluence

With Confluence Cloud, you create excellent conditions for open communication for your marketing team and ensure that all team members have the same level of knowledge at all times.

Below, we will look at several areas in which Confluence Cloud can support teamwork in marketing.

Encourage feedback culture

A constructive feedback culture is also part of an agile way of working in marketing. Confluence’s comment function deserves special mention here. Team members can proofread each other’s documents and add comments. This feedback forms the ideal basis for personal development, which will also improve the marketing team as such.

Structure your content plan

Social media presence is hard to underestimate these days. But when should which post be published? Simply create a social media content plan on Confluence. Images can be put here, articles and even entire landing pages can be planned.

You can increase your team productivity even more by connecting your favorite tools to Confluence. Integrations with Jira, Trello, Slack, Microsoft Office, Dropbox and many more are possible.

Practical Confluence templates for your marketing

The collaboration tool offers some already installed page templates that you can use for your work. Do you already have templates with your own structures? Then simply import them into your template library with a few clicks.

Create personas

Before you plan your content, you need to understand your customers. Creating personas, which are typified representatives of your target group, helps you find gaps in the customer journey and identify current problems. Confluence provides you with a prepared template so that you don’t forget anything during the planning process.

Competitive and SWOT analyses

The sample template for competitive and SWOT analyses is a great way to discover your own potential. It allows all team members to better understand their own brand and plan campaigns more decisively.

Optimize the marketing plan

The Confluence template for the marketing plan in particular provides an overview with added value. You can see exactly which person is responsible for which task and what the goals and metrics are.

Writing guidelines for marketing

The sound makes the music – also in Marketing. To ensure that all your authors use the same tone and follow a consistent workflow, simply create your own writing guidelines. You can create templates for articles, directly include SEO keywords, CTAs, or metadata.

The advantages of Confluence in marketing

  • One tool for many problems

  • Knowledge management in one central place

  • Promotion of a culture of open teamwork through comments

  • No time-consuming search for locally stored content

  • Transparency for your team and stakeholders

  • Onboarding courses and knowledge updates

  • Definition of goals, scope, and milestones for projects

Next Level Marketing with Confluence

Confluence Cloud is a reliable tool for all teams that want to communicate and work securely, transparently and globally. Shared areas, document pages and subpages provide a structured overview of your content strategy.

Marketing in particular benefits from the time and resources saved by a central knowledge base. Many feedback functions ensure an open culture and the constant development of the marketing team.

The marketing page templates do not miss any significant approach while optimizing your reporting options at the same time.

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