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Atlassian’s collaboration tools – perfect for an agile, international collaboration


Rushing to the train, catching a flight, coordinating the hotel booking - we do everything for that one supposedly particularly important 3-hour seminar with business partners at the other end of the world? But this kind of project work is no longer up to date, especially in view of the global pandemic situation. Luckily, since such a workflow is stressful for everyone involved. Long business trips steal valuable time, are expensive, and unnecessarily impact our environment with avoidable CO₂ emissions. But there is another way. The solution are collaboration tools that enable transparent and agile teamwork.

In this article, we will introduce the advantages of collaboration tools and the solutions Atlassian already offers today to make your everyday work life less stressful and more efficient at the same time.

What exactly are collaboration tools?

Collaboration tools are digital applications that enable several people to work together, independently of location and platform. For example, multiple users can access the same document and edit it together in real time. Communication, content management, mind mapping, time tracking or project management: all these forms of teamwork gain a state-of-the-art performance upgrade with collaboration tools.

For more efficiency and satisfaction

Often, outdated technologies and poor management are the most significant productivity killers at work. Using practical digital systems not only increases the efficiency of a company, but also the employee satisfaction. After all, a better work experience also creates a better life experience – which in turn has a positive impact on employee motivation.

That’s why many companies are equipping themselves: According to a survey conducted by the research and consulting firm Gartner in 2021, 79% of all interviewees use collaboration tools for their daily work. This represents a growth of 44% compared to the previous year.

Benefits of digital working

  • Optimization of the team communication

  • Unification of processes

  • Clear, comprehensible responsibilities and more transparency

  • Sustainable knowledge management through continuous document sharing

  • Real-time information, concentrated in one central location

  • Stress reduction through time savings

  • More efficient reporting

  • Simplified onboarding of international employees

What kind of Atlassian collaboration tools exist?

Atlassian offers the perfect system for every situation that you can implement in your company. Here we present two particularly innovative tools.

Jira for agile task management

Jira is one of the most popular project management systems for agile teams. With this software, you keep track of started, active or future projects at all times. Tasks with a wide range of requirements and due dates can be generated in seconds with just a few mouse clicks. On a board you can see which task has already been started, is currently being worked on or is still outstanding. Time periods and deadlines for different projects can be defined in sprints. The software becomes especially transparent through detailed reporting functions. For example, discover our Report Builder, the optimal extension for an economical time tracking.

Share knowledge in the best possible way with Confluence

Confluence is an online workspace that enables global knowledge transfer in real time in a very intuitive way. The projects and ideas generated are structured in separate areas, which can be edited together. A “single source of truth” makes it easy for each team to find and update their collective knowledge. Different templates speed up the creation of documents, while comment functions guarantee transparent feedback.

Do you want to edit tables in Confluence? Without having to switch back and forth between view and edit mode? Then don’t miss installing our Inline Table Editing upgrade.

To ensure data privacy compliant work, we offer you a worldwide unique tool, GDPR (DSGVO) and Security for Confluence. It is also available for Jira and makes sure that DSGVO guidelines are met after a simple implementation.

Modern collaboration

While digital solutions of course can’t replace face-to-face meetings, collaboration tools from Atlassian add immense value to your business. They are intuitively usable, save time and travel costs, and optimize your workflow at the same time. Whether in the home office or at the other end of the world, creative minds connect with digital solutions to get the most out of agile teamwork.

Do you also want to improve your agile way of working? Then contact us! From consulting, implementation and configuration to training and change management, we offer a 360° service to identify and meet your individual requirements.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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