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Timesheet Builder Version 1.16.0 Release Notes (Data Center/Cloud)

Time is money. That’s why our development team is working at full speed to make our time tracking tool better day by day so that you can capture and thereby use your precious time even better. Labels for users, inactive team members and other innovations want to be discovered by you. Here are the latest updates:

Configure teams individually

The user labels feature has been implemented. Now administrators can easily create labels like “freelancer” or “half-time worker”, manage them and assign them to users.

Define inactive team members

Another improvement is the new feature for inactive team members. This captures team members who are no longer on the team, but whose statistics for completed periods are still valuable. Team leads can manually and permanently restore or deactivate inactive team members, which helps with team organization.

Show your smile!

The custom Work logs panel has been enhanced with the addition of user avatars, which will aid team members in identifying the individual responsible for changes to work logs and facilitate communication within the team.

Bug fixes

Finally, bug fixes have been made across the app to improve overall functionality and user experience.

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