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Click & Run: set up, test and delete server instances fast

Imagine the following situtation: You’re in a meeting with a customer and would like to present the functionality of Jira and Confluence. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you could create a testing environment within minutes to showcase the product or reenact some of the customer scenarios? This is also applicable to a training session.

Click & Run, our one-click-solution for Jira and Confluence, gives you this kind of comfort.

Be it during a meeting, training or for testing in your own team – Click & Run allows you to set up instances in a matter of minutes, test them profoundly and delete them once not needed anymore.

This testing environment:

  • saves your adminstrators valuable time
  • allows you to test out add-ons precisely
  • allows you to reenact customer needs, analyze and solve their problems
  • enables you to set up the required infrastructure fast

What is Click & Run used for and by whom?

Click & Run will be invaluable:

  • for consultants, who would like to showcase Jira and Confluence
  • for consultants/trainers and customers using a shared testing environment
  • when you want to set up test servers without IT-support
  • when you need a clean testing environment without any add-ons
  • when you would like to test new apps without compromising your infrastructure
  • for managers without advanced IT-knowledge who would like to test instances
  • for the safe testing of unverified software
  • for readjusting customers’ needs and solving their problems
  • if you would like to avoid time-consuming scripting for setting up multiple test instances

What are the functionalities of Click & Run?

Trial run & licence:

You can test the app in a trial run and then choose the right licencing model. The main difference in models is the number of active and overall allowed servers. Of course, customized plans are possible.

Setting up instances:

Our one-click-solution enables you to (1) create your own “custom server” testing environment or (2) use available Jira and Confluence instances.

Setting up your own server takes a maximum of three minutes, using already available instances takes less than a minute!

  • Log in automatically to the newly installed, fully functional instance, which was set up in only a few minutes.
  • Depending on the licence, you can create and test a different number of servers. The management panel shows you precisely which ones are active or not.
  • You are able to name the testing instances yourself, for example, using the customers’ name or training date.
  • If you have specific requirements for the testing scope, we recommend creating a custom server. Your test server may contain different applications and even some sample data.
  • The Actions section allows you to set up individual modifications, for example passwordless login.
  • Even the login data for individual instances can be copied in the Actions menu under “Show credentials” to be shared with others.
  • If you don’t need the instance anymore, you can easily delete it in the same Actions menu.

Click & Run is unique and extremely fast – how is that possible?

By using a cluster of Kubernetes and Python scripts to create Jira and Confluence instances which have been configured by our development team, Click & Run enables you to set up your testing environment in a couple of minutes.

Want to see Click & Run live? Check out one of our CEOs explain it to you in a live demo video.


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