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Report Builder: Version 3.1.4 Release Notes (Cloud/Server/DC)



  • New feature: All scripted reports can be used now as a gadget on a dashboard.
  • New feature: The ability to mark reports as “Favorite” and filter them has been implemented.
  • Improvement: Now you can create all reports on the main “Create report” page, which contains all available report types: Quick Reports and Scripted Reports.
  • Improvement: The “Group by” picker is now collapsible. All the elements starting from the second one will be hidden, to save screen place for better grouping overview.

Scripted Reports

  • Improvement: Create a scripted report much easier – just select any scripted report from the main “Create report” page and “Copy” it to get access to its sources.
  • New feature: Simplified scope selector has been added as an input parameter option. The field assists you in selecting a scope of tickets the same way as the Basic search in Jira.

Report example: Hierarchy report

  • New feature: The “Story points” column has been added.

My Timesheets

  • Bug fix: The issue search functionality has been fixed to support search by project, key, summary, part of search or part of summary.

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