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Report Builder: Version 3.1.14 Release Notes (Cloud/Server/DC)

New Quick Report type “Calendar”

  • We’ve implemented the new report called “Calendar”, to support data display in calendar view. Tickets, completion dates, holidays, vacations etc. can now be displayed. The Calendar report is currently a beta report and will be significantly improved in next releases.

New Scripted Report „Lead Time“

  • The “Lead time” report displays the connection between the initiation and completion of a process. It’s displayed in a scatter-plot control chart.


  • New Feature: Jira Admins can configure the start of the week on the app configuration page, for example Monday or Sonday. The configuration will affect all calendars, date pickers and reports.


  • New Features: Timeline reports for teams now show the utilization rate column for every user. Formula: Utilization rate = Total billable hours / Total hours available

Hierarchy Report

  • New Feature: The ability to show total by Status field has been added.

Interested in our upcoming Report Builder releases? Visit our roadmap on Trello

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