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Inline Table Editing: Version 3.3.0 Release Notes (Server/DC/Cloud)

New functions

  • Support for Confluence macros: The most popular Confluence macros (Status, Date, Jira issue, Mention) are now supported by the app. These macros can be processed and displayed in the table without errors.

  • Consideration of changes in tables when saving: Changes made by other people in a table at the same moment as you are now considered when saving a table. You can now choose to keep your changes or the other person’s changes.

  • Automatic saving of changes: Edits in tables are now automatically saved by the app after sixty seconds.

  • Table cell background color is now editable: Inline Table Editing now lets you add any background color you want to cells. In normal Confluence tables, only a small selection of colors is selectable.

  • Resetting filters and sorts: Filters and sorts can now be reset by clicking on a new button (button with filter and X in the top table bar).

  • Adoption of heading style in view mode: The heading style set in edit mode is adopted in view mode (text alignment and font weight).

  • Support of formulas during import: When importing a table file, the formulas integrated in it are now supported.

  • Custom modification of fonts: We’ve fixed font chunkiness across all OSes by adding a special font for macros on all operating systems.

  • Auto-completion of values for formulas: Simple autocompletion of values for formulas when selecting a function from the menu (SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX) has been added.

  • New notification: A pop-up notification about restrictions when inserting from the menu has been added.

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