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Inline Table Editing: Version 3.1.0 Release Notes (Server/DC/Cloud)

New features

  • German language in Inline Table Editing: If you change the language in the browser or in the Confluence settings to German, Inline Table Editing is now also displayed in German.

  • New warning notifications: Warnings are now displayed for missing page permissions, disabled inline editing in the macro settings, or for unsupported content.
  • Inserting columns and rows is now available without restrictions: You can now insert rows and columns by right-clicking on a cell. Row and column headers are also inserted correctly.
  • The width of table columns can now be adjusted: Previously, the column width could be adjusted in Edit Mode, but the new width was not saved and was displayed again with the old width. Now the column keeps the adjusted width.
  • New functions for date output in cells: If you now insert TODAY(), DATEVALUE() or DATE() as a formula into a cell, the correctly formatted respective date will be output.
  • New welcome screen: When you reopen Inline Table Editing, instead of a loading screen, you will now see a Welcome screen. It contains buttons for creating a simple 3×3 table and for importing a table from an XLS or CSV file. In addition, the documentation can be viewed via another button and new suggestions for new features can now be submitted here.

Bug fixes

  • The buttons for the active status of table editing (save changes, undo/redo) did not work in rare cases. Now they can always be used without any problems.

  • Previously, it was possible that the plugin interface and the Confluence interface overlapped. These visual problems have been eliminated.
  • Server version: We have restored the inline editing overlay that was displayed incorrectly in the last version for each table.

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