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How Report Builder works


Out of the box time tracking in Jira cannot meet all the requirements and needs of every company. Fortunately, there are specific apps that can help extend the time tracking functionality. If you need reports that can add and extend the functionality of time tracking, providing comprehensive data for not only cases described above but even more, look no further than Report Builder.

Report Builder is a powerful and unique solution with which you can get comprehensive, customizable timesheets and reports within minutes. You can even build your own Jira custom reports using HTML or JavaScript right inside the app if you need more flexibility to meet specific requirements.


  • Simplified management of teams and projects

  • Fast reporting through our Quick Reports

  • Customized report creation with HTML & JavaScript

  • Optimal resource and process overview

  • Straightforward invoicing

How to use our app

Report Builder consists of three different modules that help you to create optimal reports.

My Timesheets

This module facilitates all members of your team managing their working hours here. Users can create personal timesheets and track their time in different categories, such as customer projects. The timesheets can be grouped and filtered according to other parameters such as issue, user, or project.

You can choose between the calendar and timeline view. You see a selection of issues on the right side, which you can drag and drop onto your timesheet. Alternatively, you can also select the respective day and time and click on the blue plus to track your tasks.

In the appearing pop-up window, you can add an issue, time spent and notes.


Using the reporting module, you can choose from a variety of options, you can start from a template, you can build your own report using a wizard to connect data points, or you can write a bespoke report using HTML or JavaScript to meet your exact requirements. In addition, you can choose to apply different filters and groupings options and export your reports to CSV, PDF, or Excel.

You will find a selection of reports in our gallery. The yellow outlined reports are our quick reports and these are for easy and quick reporting with just a few clicks.

You can create the other reports individually and adjust the data and filters to suit your requirements.

If you copy the report you want to use, you can edit it in your area using the “Edit” button and even adjust the layout using HTML or JavaScript.


You can use Report Builder to create teams and connect members to Jira projects for more comprehensive reports. This gives you an overview of a team’s tracked time and enables you to manage your team’s capacity better.

You can create a team by giving the team a name and designating a responsible user, the team leader.

Within the teams, you can add more members and also give them a specific role. To further extend the team’s functionality, you can then create and filter reports to get an overview of the work of this team.

If you would like to learn more about Report Builder, we have interesting videos and more information for you on the Marketplace.

Next level Jira Reporting with Report Builder

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