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We have outsourced our Atlassian licensing and services business to the newly founded Seibert Solutions GmbH. Actonic's products will be further developed under the usual name.

FastTrack is now Report Builder


Are you missing an efficient and easy way of logging time and monitoring projects or teams via reports? Then you know how we felt for a long time and many other companys still do!

When it comes to time tracking and reporting, the Atlassian ecosystem offers multiple apps, but none that allow to create fully customized reports, while still benefiting from time logs on an easy interface.

Reporting made easy – everything you need to know

That is why we decided to create our own app – it's called Report Builder and we are excited to share it with you!

How it all started

The journey started with FastTrack, our popular app for time tracking and reporting. Users had the ability to log time for their Jira issues, monitor them in different views and create simple reports. But that was not enough. We have seen a huge demand for easier reporting, the wish for more freedom in design and a better connection between teams, projects and time logs. That is why we launched the newest addition to our Actonic family: Report Builder: Timesheets and Data Analysis. In the core, Report Builder was FastTrack once. But we expanded the app extensively with multiple new features, which is why it deserved to be renamed.

What Report Builder can do for you

Linked to your issues

  • Report Builder is a fast, effective and fully customizable way of logging time in connection to Jira.
  • By dragging-and-dropping issues, you log time with one click. Editing work logs directly in our app is also possible.

Monitoring whole teams and multiple projects at once

  • Administration of multiple teams and projects at once is no problem anymore, since team members and projects can all be added and their time logs can be monitored easily.
  • Bulk adding is a fast way of making sure that everybody’s time logs are available.

Rich report gallery

  • We developed a complete framework to create ANY type of report in different styles, by embedding great visualization libraries like D3 and Google Charts.
  • Choose built-in reports or create new ones by working with HTML or Javascript.

Improvements we made

If you are interested to see in detail how Report Builder enables you to become even more productive, check out the improvements we made in comparison to FastTrack.

Item FastTrack Report Builder
App name FastTrack – Easy Worklog Reports Report Builder: Timesheets and Data Analysis
General use & target audience

Mostly for personal use with time tracking and reporting

  • Individual user sees timesheets and reports
  • Team manager calculates and sees reports

Could be used personally, by team and project manager etc.

  • Individual user has opportunity to create timesheets in 2 different views
  • Team manager / project manager etc. calculates reports of individuals
  • Team manager / project manager calculates reports of multiple teams or projects
  • Creating reports by using  predefined templates
  • Choosing design for report by using visualization library
  • Customizing reports by working with HTML code or JavaScript
  • Sharing reports with team / stakeholder
  • Calendar view for personal work logs
  • Pivot reports
  • My Timesheets
  • Timeline and Pivot reports
  • Teams and Team reports
  • Scripted reports
Supported platforms
  • Jira Server
  • Jira Data Center
  • Jira Cloud
  • Jira Server
  • Jira Data Center
  • to CSV
  • to CSV
  • to PDF
Issue selection
  • by JQL only
  • by Projects
  • by Epics
  • by Users
  • by Teams
  • by JQL
Period pickers
  • Single static date only
  • Flexible period picker for individual data
  • Create a report with “relative dates” (timeframe from today on, e.g. last week, next week)
Sharing permission
  • No sharing functionality. Every user can use personal reports only.
  • Reports can be shared, the view and edit permissions can be customized for any user, group or project

Next level Jira Reporting with Report Builder

  • Create your own Jira custom reports
  • A clear roadmap for you and your team
  • Export reports to CSV, Excel or PDF
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