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Atlassian Cloud vs. Data Center – two steps to your migration decision

On Feb. 02 2021 Atlassian is going to start a major update: Server instances will be put down gradually. On 02.02.2021 they will start this process by stopping the sale of new licenses for Server products. Customers are thereby forced to decide if they want to migrate to Cloud or Data Center. Even though Server instances will still be around for a while, sale, support and technical updates are shutting down one by one. So the question is: Cloud or Data Center – which way to go? In order to assist our customers, we developed two free gadgets and made them accessible on our website. They are supposed to give a first hint on where your migration journey could go and what prices you can expect. In addition, you will get a feeling for the technical details that are responsible for making the right decision. For example the current product, user tier and details concerning data residency. Discover our two free gadgets and their benefits: 

1. Nine questions to Atlassian migration – interactive migration tool

With the end of Server products and apps, customers are asking which instance to migrate to. In order to help with decision-making for system admins or other representatives, we developed an interactive migration tool, which will directly give you a migration recommendation connected to your answers. Two steps to your decision:

  • Simply fill out 9 questions for your current product and future instance.
  • Get a clear migration recommendation in just a few seconds.

Get in contact with us afterwards to talk about your individual migration plan.

2. Atlassian licenses price calculator

Simply compare the license costs with our free calculator before and after Atlassian is increasing prices. Because: On the 2nd of February Atlassian is changing prices for Cloud and Data Center instances, for some license models in noteworthy sums. In the follow years support as well as upgrade stops will take effect too.  Find out what price difference is awaiting you. Two steps to your price calculation:

  • Fill out your product, purchase date and user tier.
  • Get a price table for 1 or 2 year terms – with the before and after price comparison

Export your result with one click into a PDF and start another calculation, if you wish.

Our Service

Generally speaking: with or without migration tools – we will support you in your migration journey for Jira, Confluence and Co. Contact our Atlassian Consulting Team by using our contact form and get a free consultation!

For more information on changes at Atlassian and migration:

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