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10 benefits of cloud migration


Even before the global Covid-19 pandemic, the trend towards cloud migration was clear. The crisis has further fired up the so-called "cloud shift". It seems to be common knowledge these days that the future lies in the cloud. Also, within the Atlassian ecosystem. But why? What are the benefits of cloud migration? And which cloud migration services can support you? Find out here!

A study by Gartner reveals that more than half of all enterprise IT spending is expected to shift to the cloud by 2025. In 2022, according to forecasts, it will be “only” 41%. The reason frequently cited for cloud migration is the digital transformation of companies: Business processes are to be made more agile, cost-efficient and innovative. Before we go into more detail about the benefits of (Atlassian) cloud migration, let’s first introduce the elephant in the room: What exactly is “the cloud”?

Definition of cloud (migration)

Cloud computing (often simply: “the cloud”) is a term describing the provision of IT resources such as servers, network components, software and other intelligent functions via the internet. The outsourced services are accessed online with applications or via interfaces (APIs).

Cloud migration refers to moving applications, data, and other critical business elements from one location (often a company’s server) to a cloud provider’s server. But moving between different clouds is also referred to as cloud migration. Thus, cloud migration can also be compared to a physical move: you pack up all your important stuff and move it from one place to another.

Just like moving, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Every cloud migration is unique and meets specific requirements and solutions. To help you enjoy all the benefits of cloud migration, we are happy to be your “moving helpers” and advise you on how we can bring your valuable data safely to its new home, the Atlassian Cloud:

The advantages of cloud migration

And why should you think about this move? Why is the cloud on everyone’s lips these days? We have summarized the benefits of cloud migration (to Atlassian Cloud) for you:

Improved security in the cloud

For real? Yes! That the cloud is insecure and prone to errors is nothing more than a misconception, which we have already exposed in our article on cloud myths. In fact, if done correctly, the cloud can actually be more secure than traditional networks. Just because your data is no longer stored in your own organization doesn’t mean cybercriminals can access it. After all, data stored in the cloud is carefully encrypted. Additionally, there are so-called “cloud hosts” whose full-time job is to ensure the security of your data. Security analyses, regular updates and cross-company visibility are also among the components that guarantee cloud security.

Atlassian also provides the highest level of security for cloud products. The Atlassian security team uses trusted programs to keep the cloud safe. Read more about Atlassian’s many security practices.

Cost savings with cloud migration

Cloud migration contributes significantly to reducing operating costs while improving IT processes. Once you have completed the cloud migration, you only pay for the service you actually use. If you manage your data yourself on servers or data centers, you have ongoing costs of maintenance, power supply, cooling as well as personnel. A cloud migration saves you all of these resources.

You can find out how much you can really save with a cloud migration in the Atlassian “Cloud Savings Calculator”.

We have given an example that we run Jira Software on the server version ourselves and have 501 users. The graph illustrates that the cloud version of Jira Software would be a cost savings of $122,802 annually.

Cloud reliability

Clouds are designed to be operational and reachable almost all the time. In addition, there are incredibly high SLAs, sometimes even providing 100% availability. Achieving such a service in an enterprise with self-powered servers is a complex balancing act (that can easily tip over).

Atlassian Cloud products, for example, are hosted on AWS infrastructure, which relies on elastic scaling to afford cloud stability at scale.

More performance with the cloud

According to a study by INAP, the main reason for a cloud migration in 2019 was stronger performance. Short website loading times bring internal as well as external joy and can be the decisive point when it comes to whether customers can be retained or leave. Latency (processing a high volume of data without delays) and high system availability are the main reasons why the cloud is so powerful.

With cloud migration to more flexibility and scalability

You have big goals for your business and want to make dynamic decisions. That’s made a lot easier with a cloud service. Cloud migration brings the advantage of being able to better scale your business according to your individual business plan, without being bound by physical limitations. In many cloud systems, automatic scaling is offered. Nothing stands in the way of your business growth!

Spatial flexibility for your team

Clearly, if you’re not tied to servers, you can work from anywhere. So, with cloud migration, you and your company have the best opportunities to expand and bring on board the best employees for you worldwide.

Catastrophe resilience with the cloud

Local power outages or data center failures are no longer a big problem with cloud networks. And if something does happen, your personal data is protected with backups in the cloud.

Improved monitoring and analysis

Data-driven decision-making is made immensely easier for you with cloud migration. Many cloud systems offer built-in cloud analytics to provide a bird’s eye view of your data. Tracking mechanisms can be easily implemented and reports generated, allowing you to increase your business efficiency and finally achieve all your goals.

Atlassian has developed a sophisticated system to give you holistic insights and keep you always up to date. Learn more about analytics in the Atlassian Cloud here.

Increase sustainability thanks to cloud migration

Hosting your data in a cloud is more environmentally friendly than using self-powered servers. Cloud structures support virtual services instead of hardware, reduce paper waste and generally improve the energy efficiency of companies.

Employee satisfaction grows after a cloud migration

In addition to all the technical details, we want to focus on people: surveys show that one of the biggest benefits of cloud migration is employee satisfaction. IT teams no longer have to invest as much time in maintenance. Users benefit from faster, more powerful systems and can increase productivity and thus satisfaction.

Get the benefits of cloud migration with Atlassian

Are you still spending your precious time on laborious server administration and investing valuable resources in outdated hardware? Then it’s time for a cloud migration! The benefits such as total cost of ownership savings, shorter delivery times and flexible scalability are convincing more and more companies worldwide – not only since the pandemic!

If you are also interested in a “data move”, remember not to rush things and to seek professional advice. We would be happy to support you with your individual cloud migration for Atlassian products and create a promising migration plan that will ensure your company’s success:

We are looking forward to your request!

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