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Time- & Resource Management

Flow metrics explained and mastered

Teams and especially Product Owners benefit immensely from measuring flow of work in SAFe. But what are the so-called flow metrics? Why are they so important? And what tools are available to successfully measure flow in Jira? In this article we explain it to you!

Teamwork at Actonic

Teamwork makes the – stop! We all know this quote. But teamwork cannot be reduced to quotes and memes. Successful teamwork is an important opportunity for every employee and for every company. But how can you define teamwork and live it effectively? We show insights into the Actonic team, which is currently looking for new members. So read and apply now!

Jira time tracking and resource planning with Timesheet Builder

Timesheet Builder is the smartest solution for Jira time tracking. In this article, we'll give you an overview of the app's "My Timesheets" and "Teams" sections. Thereby, we’ll show you hands-on how to use the app to schedule your individual resources and those of your teams.

Velocity Charts in Jira for better sprint planning

Velocity Charts in Jira are a good way to level up your sprint planning and make your team achieve any sprint goal. In this article, we will show you one easy way to measure the velocity of your Jira team. Read more now!

ITSM tool: Open Jira service tickets quickly found and resolved

To ensure your ITSM keeps customer satisfaction at a high level, it is necessary to quickly resolve incoming Jira issues and track down tickets that are still open. With a few clicks, you can create a report that shows unresolved Jira service tickets per status, assignees and in days. We will demonstrate how to use the ITSM tool!