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Timesheet Builder: Version 1.9.0 Release Notes (Server/DC/Cloud)

Improvement of decimal numbers

Decimal numbers (numbers whose fractions are specified to the right of the comma) are now converted correctly in the German language version. To log decimal numbers, use a comma as separator.

Improvement of the calendar view

In the calendar view of MyTimesheets, a search function has been added to the filter option of the issue panel. The filter function is the same as in the time tracking pop-up that appears when you click on a specific time in the calendar.

Improvement of definition of days and weeks

Timesheet Builder now uses the definition of a day and a week that is used in Jira. Now, when you use a pretty print format to display time metrics, they will be recalculated according to the definition of day and week in the instance settings.

New permission feature

On the team overview page, there is now an option to track logged time for any member with the team permission “Work on issues”. This works even if the member has no time posted.

New remaining time feature

The total time remaining per selected day for a team is now available by clicking on the info icon next to “Spent time”. This allows a user to track how much time is left.

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