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Timesheet Builder: Version 1.5.2 Release Notes (Server/DC/Cloud)

New feature: Timer function

  • The Timer feature of Timesheet Builder allows you to track the time used for tasks in the ticket by a timer
  • Users can activate the timer in the ticket by clicking on the “Start” button
  • A display is shown in all areas of the app where the time can then be stopped
  • When a user clicks stop in the timer, the default time entry window appears where the time can be adjusted again
  • Only one timer can be executed at a time

New function: Capacity per period

  • “Capacity per period” shows you the available working hours of a team member or the whole team in a period
  • The underlying period is currently one week (in future updates, we will add more period spans)
  • The team capacity as the sum of the capacities of the individual team members is also available
  • As a team lead, you can set the number of working days of your team in Timesheet Builder
  • Users can view the capacity calculation in MyTimesheets and export it as a PDF

New function: closing and reopening a period

  • Team leaders and anyone with the “Manage this team” permission can now close and reopen the current period. This is done by clicking on “Close period” or “Reopen period”.
  • This way, it is possible to control in which period team members enter times

New function: Entry of non-working days of team members

  • Team leads can now define which days are working and non-working days in the team management view
  • A weekly and monthly view is available for this purpose
  • For example, public holidays can be excluded
  • The capacity calculation becomes more accurate

New function: Manage availability (My Timesheets)

  • Users now have the possibility to specify non-working days in MyTimesheets
  • The “Manage availability” button in MyTimesheets can be used to enter non-working days in a weekly and monthly view

New function: Recorded time on week/day (My Timesheets)

  • Users can now see in “My Timesheets” how many hours they have logged in a day or week for a team
  • Improvement: User commitment in hours
  • The commitment, i.e. the workload of an employee per day, has been changed from percent to hours
  • This allows new tasks to be assigned more clearly based on an employee’s available hours.

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