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Smart Workflows with Smart Apps: Collaborate better

There are only so many hours in a day, and it is important to make the most of them. No wonder, boosting productivity is every business’s goal. At Actonic, we are committed to helping our customers optimize processes and creating business environments allowing for increased efficiency and greater productivity. In order to provide our customers with the best solutions, we partner with companies who share our values. When we started working with yasoon, we dived deep into their solutions and realized what tremendous benefits they can bring. We often recommend them to our customers who actively use Outlook and would benefit from integrating it with Jira and Confluence.  But who can talk about these solutions better than those who created them? Therefore, we have invited yasoon to tell us about their apps and the idea behind them, and here’s what they said:

Smart workflows – who uses them?

Do you have so many “productivity tools that you can’t work productively? Do you struggle to keep track of your inbox on a typical working day? Is scheduling meetings with more than two people a major hassle? Do your meeting preparations take too long because you don’t have any templates to use? Basically, do you have to constantly switch tools to get your work done?

We feel your pain. That’s why we regularly question existing workflows and focus on how people use certain tools in their working life.

Like almost any other company, we at yasoon use Jira as our project management tool for software development and Confluence as our collaboration platform to share information internally and externally. And of course, there is also Outlook, our constant companion when it comes to e-mailing and scheduling our workday. These are the three major tools we all work with every day, but each of us uses them to different degrees. So changing tabs to find data or share information is part of everybody’s daily routine, too. But it shouldn´t be.

With more than seven years of experience in software development we are quite good at bridging ‘productivity gaps’. That’s what we call it when people need to constantly switch between programs to find information, prepare documents or reach out to colleagues. It’s time-consuming, annoying, and just unproductive. We need to rethink existing workflows to move forward. We have found that enabling connections between the tools we use makes our workflows much easier and even smarter! Just imagine using all these ‘productivity tools’ in a way that really boosts your productivity?

We have developed smart apps that can help you work more productively and collaborate even better with your team, increasing job satisfaction. Our “Outlook Email for Jira” app lets you stay in your inbox and start creating issues from incoming emails in just two clicks. There is no more struggling to keep track, because you can easily sort them and send them to Jira. See when all your team members are available directly in Jira and easily schedule meetings right in your issue. Our “Outlook Meetings for Jira” app makes scheduling madness a thing of the past. Finally, we can also help you avoid long, inconclusive meetings. A good agenda makes a good meeting. Use our “Outlook Meetings for Confluence” app to easily access Confluence meeting notes templates directly in your Outlook meeting request and set an agenda in just a few clicks.

By connecting your existing work environments, you can improve your working habits and make your working life so much easier. Accessing information quickly and easily right where we work makes all the difference. Collaborate better with your team now and in future and make working with software fun again!”

For more information on yasoon apps, visit yasoon.com or try their apps for free. For more information on Actonic apps, visit our product page and start your free trial today on the Atlassian Marketplace!

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