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Report Builder: Version 3.0.8 Release Notes (Cloud/Server/DC)


  • New service! We are announcing a new service for customers who are interested in reporting and data processing: Actonic Report Building Service.
  • Now you can get any individual report you might ever need – created by Actonic developers. Simply fill out the form on our support portal and describe your request. The button to request your custom report is available on all the main pages from the help menu in our App Report Builder as well as on our Service page.

My Timesheets: Calendar view

  • Improvement: The dialog with grouped work logs for one day has been improved and now supports infinity work log entries with a scroll function.
  • New feature: A “Month picker” has been implemented to support quick month selection for calendar view. You can easily switch between different months to compare the statistics and get more insights.
  • New feature: A “Week picker” has been implemented to support quick week selection for calendar view. You can easily switch between different weeks during a year to compare the statistics.
  • New feature: In “Monthly view” you can now double-click in any day to open an “Add work log” dialog. This speeds up adding work logs to your timesheets.

Time Reports

  • Improvement: Confirmation dialog has been added to prevent any errors and unexpected report lose.

Scripted Reports

  • New feature: New hotkeys have been added to the script: “Ctrl/Strg + F” to search and replace code, “Ctrl/Strg+Shift+X” to get data for the current report.
  • New feature: Live syntax check has been added to the script editor. This feature highlights JavaScript syntax errors directly in the editor and prevents using any broken script.
  • New feature: A new input parameter “Field picker” has been added, which could be used in your report. Select any system or custom field, which should be used in your Scripted Report calculation algorithm.
  • New feature: It is allowed to create Scripted Reports for everyone by default. Now new global permissions have been added to restrict users, who should not be able to create Scripted Reports.


  • Improvement: The pagination functionality has been improved and now displays the navigation button only when it is necessary.
  • Improvement: Approval section now displays rejected periods for teammates. You can find all the periods for your team in one place: awaiting approvals, approved and rejected timesheets.
  • Improvement: Link panel has been reworked to support 3 type of links: project, board, web link. Keep your team on track and link all the related resources directly.
  • Improvement: Now it is possible to add two or more roles to team members. If someone belongs to the roles “developer” and “analyst” at the same time, you can set it up through the “Edit member” dialog.

Configuration Section

  • Improvement: The configuration section has been updated to support multiple configuration options which are divided into 3 sections: “Dates”, “Periods”, “Permissions”.

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