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Report Builder: Version 3.0.7 Release Notes (Cloud/Server/DC)



  • Now, we request only the fields which will be displayed. Rendering speed has been increased for Time Reports, Teams and Scripted Reports dashboards.
  • All the sections now have “Help” button with the link to the documentation and a support request form.
  • Small UI changes have been made in all the modules: we have added breadcrumbs and a spinner for some elements which are loading. Some icons have also been changed.
  • Now, you can define “start of the week” and select Monday or Sunday. It will be shown accordingly in all the calendar views (monthly, weekly, etc).


Timeline Report and Pivot Report


  • Bug Fix: Previously, when grouping by “Date -> Issue”, results would be incorrect for some rows – this issue has now been fixed.
  • Improvement: All the values in the “Progress” column are now rounded to 2 decimal places.
  • Improvement: Table header is now always visible at the screen top. It improves usability of long tables and you can always see the headers of the table.
  • Improvement: Highlight of the current date in Timeline Report has been implemented.
  • Improvement: Drag-and-drop functionality has been improved for smoother animation.
  • [For Jira Server and Data Center Only] Bug fix: Range Picker bug has been fixed. Now, when selecting “Last Month”, the dates are displayed accurately in the report.


Calendar view


  • Bug fix: Pagination bug with Issue Picker has been fixed. Previously, not all the results were shown – this won’t happen anymore.




  • Improvement: Now, a Timeline report for a team also calculates and shows “Total logged hours” – just like all Time Reports.


Scripted Reports


  • [For Jira Cloud Only] Improvement: From now on, it is possible to use any Scripted Report as a gadget which can be used in Jira Cloud Dashboards.
  • [For Jira Server and Data Center Only] Improvement: Reports Gallery now supports labels and a user can easily filter reports.
  • Improvement: Hotkey “CTRL + S” or (“Command + S” for Mac) has been implemented to store the Script much more effectively.
  • Improvement: It is possible to change export to PDF options through SR.pdfOptions() object.


New feature: Periods


  • Now, admins can enable “Period usage” in the add-on configuration, which allows them to track logged time based on periods.
  • At the end of every period, a user will be able to “Submit” the period for review to their Team Leader. This responsible person can review the period and logged hours and Approve or Reject them.
  • The approved period will be stored and approved hours will not be changed. Period workflow can be extremely useful for invoicing and better time tracking.


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