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One report for all cases: How to use Report Builder Universal Report


Are you a project manager suffering from the limitations of the pre-installed Jira reporting options? Would you like to present complex calculations in different settings in a visually appealing way? Do you crave the ability to create any report quickly according to your requirements easily? Without any profound programming knowledge at all?

If so, our newly developed Report Builder Universal Report will revolutionize your reporting experience. Configure Jira's built-in reports and create different reports quickly without switching back and forth between different input masks multiple times.

Actonic's Universal Report grants you all these possibilities. And more. Learn here how to effectively use our "Swiss Army Knife" among reports and thereby profit maximally.

Check out our tutorial for beginners to help you make the most of the Universal Report:

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More Information

What does the Universal Report do?

As the name suggests, our Universal Report is a report for all possible use cases. Reports such as Progress tracking, project status in a fixed period, timeline report, or any other potential report can be easily created and customized. This way, you always stay up to date on your Jira issues and control projects in real-time.

The intuitive handling with a clean user interface guides you through the creation of your customized results.

Traditional Jira reports often have a complicated structure and do not always allow you to filter by the desired conditions. With the Universal Report, however, you easily select various filters. In addition, working on different display types in a single place makes your daily reporting easier and saves many resources.

Who is the Universal Report designed for?

Because the new report can cover the majority of all imaginable scenarios, the Universal Report is suitable for all company structures, sizes and also for different groups of people. These include:

  • Companies with waterfall approach
    • Program and project managers
    • System administrators
    • IT quality managers
  • Companies with implemented SAFe methodology
    • Product Owners
    • Scrum Managers
    • System Architects
    • and many more
  • Companies that manage executives, department managers or end users in Jira

How to use the Universal Report

1. Step: Select what exactly you are looking for. For example, do you want to see issues, comments, or work logs?

2. Step: Filter by projects, JQL, boards or previously saved options.

3. Step: Optionally, you can define exclusion conditions. For example, do you not want to visualize a certain period of time? Then this condition is added in a flash.

4. Step: Define the output format. Table, line chart, bar chart and many others are available.

5. Step: Set calculation parameters for your output format. For example, you can count, sum, or average the results.

6. Step: Testing the visualization. If you are unsure how the report output will look, you can use the sample data to visualize your report.

7. Step: Display your individual report directly or choose to export to XLS, CSV or PDF.

The advantages of Report Builder Universal Report

All business types, whether aligned to waterfall or SAFe methodologies, will benefit from this report. A task that used to take you many clicks and even more time to complete, with Actonic’s new report you can do it faster and more focused than ever before.

Some advantages at a glance:

  • Perform complex calculations for different scenarios

  • Fast and appealing visualization of dynamic changes

  • Access to real-time data for decision-making

  • Customization of standard reports in Jira

  • Implementation of your corporate design

Forget about countless reporting tools and confusing report types. The use of the Universal Report offers a simple and flexible solution for many different situations — without the need for deep IT expertise.

Zero programming knowledge and full functionality: Get the free 30-day trial version of Report Builder and see for yourself!

Next level Jira Reporting with Report Builder

  • Create your own Jira custom reports
  • No-code approach for intuitive usage
  • Export reports to CSV, Excel or PDF
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