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GDPR for Jira: Version 1.14.6 Release Notes (Server/DC)

Security Dashboard

A warning about any changes made in the Global Configuration in the last 30 days has been added. This notification allows you to quickly go to the Permisssions Monitoring module and see what changes have been applied.


Data Cleaner History

You can now jump to the task that has just been completed.


Data Cleaner

Now, the User Anonymization template has a ticket anonymization function. This function allows you to replace any user mentions in tickets, as well as change any user related fields.

Please note: the main difference between ticket anonymization and user anonymization is that ticket anonymization is the process of replacing all the mentions of any users found in tickets, whereas user anonymization means that only those specified in the Source User field will be replaced.


Data Cleaner

Jira 8.11 compatibility issue has been fixed. Previously, starting a task with an empty Scope field would result in an error – this won’t happen anymore.


Data Cleaner

The mechanism for searching data in system and custom fields has been updated, which has resulted in the improved speed of the module when using a large number of objects

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