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GDPR (DSGVO) and Security for Confluence: Version 1.7.6 Release Notes (Server/DC)


  • Improvement: The main page UI has become more informative and convenient for better user experience.

New features for Recurring tasks

  • Users can now send notifications to any specified email address or to space admins.
  • It has become possible to group notifications in order to reduce the number of emails sent to users.
  • Notifications can be grouped by users (one notification containing the entire scope) and by spaces (one notification for all pages of a space)
  • A special variable has been added which allows showing grouped data.
  • Existing Recurring tasks can now be cloned.

Notifications & Announcements

  • Improvement: The UI of the page in Edit mode has become more informative.
  • New feature: Now, statistics set by filters can be uploaded in CSV format.
  • New feature: Many fields have been renamed and descriptions have been added to make the module more informative.

Data Cleaner

  • Bug fix: Previously, you might have faced the “Unable to resolve owner of loading collection” error – this issue has now been fixed.
  • Improvement: Search/anonymization stability and speed have been improved.

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