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Save time with Easy Dropdown Menu in Confluence

In Confluence, you are able to create and edit different spaces and pages. Macros are there to give you a wider range of functionalities to edit your content.
Multiple macros can be part of a larger package, also called plugin. Plugins can be managed by your administrator.

In this article we introduce you to the Easy Dropdown Menu Plugin and show you how to reuse your predefined sets globally.

What is the Easy Dropdown Menu Plugin?

The Easy Dropdown Menu allows dropdown lists to be inserted on Confluence pages. You are able to define the dropdown values yourself. It consists of four different macros:

  • Easy Dropdown Menu (Edit Mode): The values of your set can only be adjusted in edit mode
  • Easy Dropdown Menu (Not Predefined): Sets can be created by yourself
  • Easy Dropdown Menu (Predefined): Predefined sets can be used
  • Easy Dropdown Menu (Status Macro): Predefines status can be used

However, each macro is only available on the specific page where you defined it. But what if you want to use a dropdown menu and the associated options again on other pages to save time?
In order to do this, you need to create a new predefined set.

Quick guide for creating predefined sets

1. From the general setting, select “Easy Dropdown Menu Plugin configuration”.

2. In the tab “Predefined” you can create a new menu and name it. In this example we named our menu “Spaceships”. At the end you have to confirm your menu with the button “Add”.

3. The new created set can be defined with “Edit”.

In the editing mode you can enter individual values now and also adjust the name of your set in case you want to change it again.

4. When in need of the macro “Easy Dropdown Menu (Predefined)” now, you can simply add it to your Confluence page.

5. If you have selected the respective macro, you are able to choose the set, which you have just designed. 

In editing mode you have several possibilities to define your dropdown menu. We suggest choosing “Multiselect”. 

6. After all the settings have been made, save it. In preview mode you can see how your menu behaves. 

Because you selected “Multiselect” before, a multiple selection is now available. The choices from which you can select are shown here in our example on the right side. 

Your created menu is available for every page of your Confluence space and can be easily used again and again.

We hope this quick guide helps!

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