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All new: Atlas by Atlassian | a win/win for every team


Digital transformation has spawned a number of tools that support teamwork and connect team members. Due to the great diversity of team management tools, all of which have different areas of application, most teams use many tools at once, which results in a suffering of the overview of team projects. There is a need to maintain balance between the team's autonomy and its team alignment.

To address these issues, Atlassian has developed Atlas. The world's first teamwork directory that shows you exactly who is doing what, when and why.

The best part: Atlas is completely free.

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See for yourself and use Atlas now for free!

Teamwork in complex environments

According to Okta’s Businesses at Work study, the average company today uses 89 different applications and since 2016, the number of applications has increased by 24 percent. As a result, the information in individual applications is widely distributed and harder to keep track of than ever before.

To ensure enterprise-wide visibility, many make the mistake of standardizing on tool selection using only a few apps. This is rarely helpful, as most of the apps used can bring specific strengths that are lost in the process. This creates a clear breach of partial autonomy.

In these dynamic times, it is particularly difficult to find the balance between a team’s autonomy and its alignment.

To ensure transparency and team alignment at the same time, Atlassian announced a new product at the Atlassian Team ’22 event: Atlas.

Work efficiently with Atlas – and everyone will notice everything

The key to any team’s success lies in the “why?”. Because if no meaning is seen in one’s own work due to a lack of transparency, it’s hard to get up for work every day. If, on the other hand, the meaning behind each intermediate step is transparent so that teams can ideally align their focus, there are no limits to teamwork.

Atlas connects applications, teams, and projects, equipping everyone with a common vocabulary for open communication. This means you can always see the latest information, which would otherwise be widely scattered, at a glance. As a result, you align your teams around a common goal.

Atlas answers these questions:

  • What are we doing and why?

  • How are things progressing?

  • Who is working on what?

The answers to these questions should normally be the basis of any team effort. However, you need to know where to get the answers. With Atlas, this is achieved in a playful way and ensures alignment and the appropriate autonomy for your team.

What are we doing and why?

“I didn’t sign up for that” – the classic saying when teamwork is going badly. Team members don’t see the point of their current work.

Atlas connects your teams, goals, and knowledge and organizes them by themes to help you avoid the aforementioned situation. To establish alignment across the organization, Atlas gives each project a home page that quickly provides recipients with the appropriate context.

These homepages can be enriched with smart links. Embedded preview variants from Google Docs, Figma and Confluence are available for this purpose.

Teamwork with meaning and purpose

As mentioned earlier, a main aspect of motivation is understanding the direction and reasons for action of an activity. In Atlas, you can see at a glance how individual projects are connected and contribute together to an overall goal.

Common Sense

Atlas gifts teams with a common vocabulary that optimizes communication for work. Representing work with common goals creates alignment that inspires teams to continue using the very apps that successfully drive their work.

Interfaces to Smart Links work in many popular tools such as Trello, Jira software, Google Workplace, or Asana.

Coming soon: Soon you will be able to view and post updates to linked Jira tickets.

How are things progressing?

Teams typically hold numerous meetings to update each other on the status of their tasks. But the time investment in meetings is not always commensurate with the benefits. Asynchronous communication, on the other hand, allows everyone involved to write and follow up on updates when it fits into their daily schedule.

Every Monday, you can view an individual summary of what’s new with your projects and goals.

In the process, regular tweet-sized updates save time and create commitment rarely achieved through tedious meetings.

Projects and goals can be connected to channels in Slack so you and everyone involved will be always up-to-date.

Who is working on it?

It often happens that responsibilities in the company are not openly known to everyone. Organizational charts are usually given, but say little about current projects. Especially when teams are split into smaller units for projects, other teams may not know exactly who is working on what.

In Atlas, you can see the team for each project and who is involved as soon as you hover over the name.

By syncing with identity provider Okta, you can be confident that all data corresponds with a single source of truth.

Whether top-down or bottom-up, with Atlas you know exactly which team just achieved which milestone and who contributed to it.

Always know who to ask

Get a holistic view of updates, projects, goals, people and knowledge in your organization with Atlas. So you don’t waste time wondering who to ask.

Atlas wins over teams worldwide

In 2021, Atlas has already been used in a private beta under a different name by teams such as Canva, Warby Parker, LaunchDarkly and Turnitin. These companies were able to better align and work more efficiently with the help of the powerful teamwork directory.

Your Benefits with Atlas:

  • Get the complete context of your work

  • Get an overview of projects and deliverables in an instant

  • Perfect for executives of large organizations

  • Give your stakeholders unprecedented insight as well

  • Find the right answers quickly and easily

  • Always ensure alignment and autonomy

  • Leverage rich embedding and smart links

  • And it’s all absolutely free

Now is also your chance to unfold the full potential of your business. Don’t cut the diversity of your tools, but expand the transparency of your teamwork. Create something great together with your team!

See for yourself and use Atlas now for free!


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