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Xray Document Generator vs Xporter – Exporting Options Compared

In order to release a great product, you need a reliable test management tool. Development teams often rely on Jira to manage their issues, therefore extending Jira functionality to include test management options is a smart move. Xray is one of the best solutions to transform your instance into a powerful test management tool. It helps you monitor the testing process and provides the structure to plan, organize and report on tests.

While working with Xray, a versatile reporting solution is essential. Even though Xray offers a lot of options in this area with the integrated Document Generator and built-in export possibilities, Xpand IT also offers their Xporter app with even more features. In this article we are going to compare both options to help you choose the right approach depending on your needs.

Topic Description Xray Document Generator Xporter
    Customization of templates & document generation based on Jira data. Mainly Xray issues, requirements & defects. Helps to create documents using information from Jira issues.
Format Support of main formats
Predefined Templates Access & installation templates provided by Xpand IT
Export Iterations e.g. Test Runs associated to Tests/Test Executions, Test Plans associated to Tests, Preconditions associated to Tests etc.
Custom Layouts  
Template Scope Bulk Export
Single Export
Agile Boards

(not on Cloud)

Agile Releases

(not on Cloud)

Workflow Post-Functions
  • Schedule document generation
  • Receive documents via e-mail (daily, weekly, monthly)

(not on Cloud)

  • API to export documents
  • Export issue data from other apps, such as:
    • Jira Service Desk
    • Table grid (iDalko)
    • JEditor
    • Insight
Export for test management related fields Fields related to Xray for example revision, execution status, …
General Export For all Jira fields, even beyond test management

For even more options, please also have a look at our app Report Builder: Timesheets and Data Analysis as well as our new Report Building Service to cover all of your Jira reporting needs.

If you require help choosing the right tool or setting up a testing process in your company, feel free to contact us at [email protected] for a free one hour consulting session.

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