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Timesheet Builder Version 1.15.0. Release Notes (Data Center/Cloud)

Timesheet Builder

Data Center and Cloud

Assign commitment and availability faster

We changed the logic of commitment and working days schemes for the working day calendars. Now it is possible to create a workload calendar and assign it to a team member or reuse it for multiple users. Previously you had to assign commitments to each user one by one.

Spot overbooking

Discover overbooking for your team in the timesheet view as it’s shown in bold red numbers.

CSV export

Your team’s timesheet can be exported as CSV.

Extended filter possibilities

In the issue view it’s possible to filter work logs created by the current user or if he has permission to see other users’ work logs or to exclude hidden work logs.

Help us to improve our app anonymously

We collect anonymous statistics that help us improve the user experience and also see which features are used so we can expand our app according to the usage of our users (like you!). If you don’t want to send this data, you can turn off this feature on the configuration page.


It’s a bug, not a feature and we fixed it 🐞

We fixed multiple bugs across the app for an enhanced user experience.


Data Center only

Search for your secured work logs using JQL

The secured work logs are a unique Timesheet Builder functionality. They aren’t searchable using standard JQL as they aren’t available outside the app. We now implemented custom JQL functions to get issues, which contain secured work logs so you can find your work logs more easily.

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