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Six tips to avoid conflict in resource management


Conflict in resource management can occur on any project, and managers have a substantial responsibility to resolve any issues that could lead their team to failure. However, there are a few strategies to follow to prevent hurdles for a better resource management outcome. The following methods will deliver positive results and guarantee success at the end of the cycle.

Tips to avoid conflict in resource management

  1. Involve all team leaders in resource management and allocation: Gather all your team leaders and let them present their creative ideas and resource management suggestions. Then, allow the project managers to collaborate and maintain a clear vision to complete any assignment on time. Combining team efforts will sustain high performance and a strong sense of trust among members.

  2. Resource pool: To prevent schedule disruption, create a well-based resource pool for quicker access to any data concerning your employees. Analyze everyone’s available skills and experiences to build a stronger team. Prepare for absences or shortages of employees by having backup human resources to fill in at any time without interrupting the process.

  3. Plan ahead: Customize a solid plan that will permit you to determine and predict the right components to complete the project. You don’t want your team to be caught in budget overruns, schedule challenges, and unclear strategic goals. In addition, using cross-project learning by relying on previous projects as templates will guide you and improve your overall performance.

  4. Prioritize tasks: Ensure that every team member focuses on high-priority tasks before handling lower-priority tasks. Even if both assignments have the same due date, it’s essential to allocate your resources based on the urgency of any given job.

  5. Resource planning tools: Resource planning tools are essential for planning, organizing, and allocating the right resources in suitable projects. These tools allow managers and team leaders to visualize projects across different stages, manage and track progress, and allocate resources accordingly. Jira is one of the leading project management tools, and several tools and apps can be added to Jira to help teams manage resources effectively. One that stands out in its ability to help team leaders manage resources and track time is Timesheet Builder: Resource Planning and Teams. With Timesheet Builder, team leaders can create teams, different roles, view logged working hours, manage capacities, and progress in one place.

  6. Monitor and follow up: Team managers should keep track of every party involved during the process to guarantee that each setback has been dealt with properly. Identifying the solutions is the first step toward preventing conflict, but you must observe the situation to check if things are moving efficiently. Not every resolution can solve the issue immediately; reaching the right expectations might take various trials.

Next-level resource management

These tips will help you overcome any challenges in resource management and thus avoid conflicts. Making mistakes is human, and it’s also helpful if you use the appropriate tools to identify, analyze, and account for them in future planning. This will help you achieve better results and revolutionize your resource management process. Your projects and your team will be grateful.

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