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Page Tree Versioning in Confluence

Comparison of Comala Publishing, Scroll Versions & Listeners

Atlassian’s Confluence is supporting businesses and teams as a powerful tool for knowledge bases and collaborations. If spaces and pages are created, they are automatically saved as versions. Each saving process of this content is generating a new version. In order to implement individual versioning of a page tree, different applications can be used.

Your benefit: You do not have to check different documentations extensively but get a clear overview for easy decision-making.

Our service: We support you in customized versioning with developing individual Listener add-ons.


Comala Publishing

Scroll Versions

Development with Listener

  • Publishing different Confluence spaces
  • Space admins executes publication and controlling
  • Creating different documentation versions
  • Easy transmission of content between different spaces
  • Listener await activity in Confluence
  • They act upon predefined steps
  • Versioning can be controlled in custom Listener
  • Transferring content of a working space into public spaces with Listener development

Revision permission

  • Confluence administrators
  • Space administrators
  • Users with plugin permission
  • Confluence administrators
  • Space administrators
  • Users with plugin permission
  • Controlling group memberships in code
Automation of release cycles (time based)

With additional development

With additional development

With additional development

Condition for revisions (Controlling document versions)

Type of content & features configurable

Conditionally transmission: Defining description, color and release date

Revisioning single spaces

Revisioning single pages

Publication in different revisions

Restricting spaces for revisions & allowing plugin usage for spaces

With “conditional content” macro

Pages with status “approved” (Defining conditions)

Setting options for workflow status

Linking work documents with currently public revision

Versioning with Confluence standard

Versioning through revisions

Versioning with Confluence standard

Linking work documents with older revision

Manually or via script

Manually or via script

In work document: Showing publication status

Display: New, Out of Sync, Published 

Display: Draft, Review, Complete

Display through page features

In work document: Overview of changes/non-synchronized content

Comparison through Scroll Versions menu

Exporting of specific versions at any time

Standard via page history

With Scroll exporters (Plugin) different versions of confluence content can be exported to different formats

Standard via page history

Automatic generation after publication

Compatibility with Comala products

With all Events triggering Plugins


Comala Publishing

Scroll Versions

Individually programmed add-on or Scriptrunner

Comala Publishing, Scroll Versions and Listeners offer variable possibilities for Versioning optimization, and especially Listeners are highly configurable. As IT consultants we check your company Confluence and your needs in order to develop customized Listeners with ScriptRunner or your own add-on, to adjust page tree versioning to your needs.

Do you need support in individual development for Listeners or versioning itself?

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