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Is Salesforce the CRM system for you? Part 2


Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM solution that can meet a wide range of needs through the different clouds and integrated tools. It stands out as a system especially due to the user-friendly interface. The user is not bound to processes or workflows while using it and can work flexible at any time or place. These benefits allow Salesforce to support many departments and be widely used across each company.

In part 2 of our Salesforce article series, we will thematize which departments of a company can work with Salesforce and which use cases are covered.


Sales accompanies the customer throughout the entire sales process and is responsible for the main part of the communication. It should be as fast and efficient as possible. Salesforce as a CRM system is a great solution to automate sales processes and to increase efficiency.

  • Optimize your contact management

Salesforce centrally stores all of your contacts and customer data. You are able to access the needed data at any time and anywhere. This way, you are always well-informed about your customers, and you can increase the opportunities by optimally preparing for important appointments. You can not only collect the customers’ contact information, but you can also understand the previous talks with the customers in Salesforce. Conversations, notes and documents can be assigned directly to your customer and stored properly. You can also communicate with your customers by e-mail directly out of the system.

  • Follow your leads

Lead tracking is one of the most important tasks of a sales employee; with the help of Salesforce you can do this in the blinking of an eye. A lead is a contact that has shown interest in your products. Optimal lead tracking is provided by Salesforce. You can identify and route important leads, so you don’t miss out on opportunities in the future and turn your leads into real opportunities. Opportunities are ongoing businesses that can result from qualified leads.

  • Keep an eye on the entire sales process

Use Salesforce to substantiate important sales decisions with accurate data. You can easily picture all processes and create expressive reports with just a few clicks. Reporting and forecasting options allow you to monitor and analyze your teams’ data and, if necessary, make quick adjustments. You have a central overview of all important processes. From lead to opportunity to the completion of a contract – you accompany every sales phase in real time.

The use cases mentioned above as well as the other scenarios of Salesforce are made possible by the Salesforce Sales Cloud. Lead management, contact management and sales forecasts can be used in one platform. The Sales Cloud can be adapted to your needs and grows with your company if necessary.


In marketing, customers, the market and the competitions are analysed. The task is to make potential customers aware of the company’s products or services and to generate leads for sales. For this, an optimal customer journey should be set up and marketing should always work hand-in-hand with the sales department.

  • Personalize your customer relationships

With Salesforce’s Journey Builder you are able to create automated and personalized customer journeys. Simple or more complex journeys can easily be visualized. Use the right moment in the customer journey to interact with your customers in a personalized way, across all channels. With Salesforce, you can always keep an eye on your customers’ wishes and, if necessary, react quickly to changes in requirements. In this way, you can optimally develop leads for sales. 

  • Simplify your marketing campaigns

A campaign is a marketing activity that has a specific goal and can integrate several people or channels. Meticulous planning and organization are important for efficient campaign management, otherwise you can quickly lose track of things. Salesforce offers a variety of tools to help you get your campaigns right. Whether through personalized mail campaigns via the E-Mail Studio or with social media campaigns, posts or messages via the Social Studio – you can visualize and coordinate all of your campaign activities with Salesforce.

  • Analyze your data

Data serves as a basis in decision-making processes for marketing strategies. With data, you can change your focus and adapt your marketing activities. Therefore, a good data analysis is essential. Salesforce offers you a variety of reporting options. Your previously set up marketing campaigns can be evaluated and analyzed easily. You always have the chance to act in case of discrepancies. In addition, not only campaign data is evaluated, but you can also collect and analyze more data on customers and leads. 

You can find all the marketing tools you need in one single platform. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud you will be able to win new customers and strengthen your already existing relationships. You develop a personalized and individual customer journey for your customers and simplify your daily marketing activities through intelligent automation.

Customer service

Good customer service is responsible for answering customer’s questions and solving problems. The goal is customer satisfaction. The service employees should react quickly and reliably provide the solutions.

  • Improve your response time

No customer wants to wait for an answer or solution to their problem, which is why a fast response time is an important success factor in customer service. With Salesforce, you can offer your customers quick responses and at the same time suitable service solutions. You can view all customer transactions at a glance and automatically forward all of them with high priorities to available employees for immediate processing. The central overview of customers enables you to react quickly and to keep an eye on SLAs at all times. In addition, AI-supported chatbots can be used to solve your customer problems even faster.

  • Combine your support channels

The availability of a company is important for problem-solving and customer feedback. The steadily growing number of possible channels makes it difficult for service employees to keep track of all customer inquiries. With Salesforce, you can ensure that you are available for every customer, the channels that are essential for you, such as chat, Facebook, WhatsApp or SMS, are available on one platform. You can decide whether you want to answer the various inquiries individually and personally or work with the previous mentioned chatbots.

With the Salesforce Service Cloud you combine all your support channels in one place. With Salesforce Knowledge you can always find the right answers to customer questions, while the Lightning Service Console enables seamless customer service. You get all the important details of your customers and a faster way of responding to your inquiries.

As you see, Salesforce can be used in multiple departments. Your customer relationships and customer satisfaction can be strengthened and increased across multiple departments and with the help of just one platform.

In case you missed the other parts of our Salesforce article series: Here you can find Is Salesforce the CRM system for you? Part 1 & Is Salesforce the CRM system for you? Part 3

If you need help introducing Salesforce in your department, please do not hesitate to contact us! 

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