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Inline Table Editing: Version 3.6.0 Release Notes (Server/DC/Cloud)

New feature: Rich text editing on Server/Data Center

  • We added rich text editing to our app that allows you to edit cells just like you would on the Confluence edit page. You can make texts bold, work with macros like status, and it even gives you the possibility to add Jira issues to a table (right now there is no possibility to add this feature to the cloud).

Other new features

  • Now, you can set the background color of the header cell (the header cell is now clickable).

  • Activating the header cell is now done by double-clicking or pressing Enter, just like with other cells

Bug fixes (for Server, Data Center, and Cloud)

  • We improved rendering performance, especially for large tables.

  • We removed unnecessary page refreshing after changing the theme.

  • We fixed visual artifacts after disabling row numbers column and then move any column.

  • We fixed auto-saving when editing a cell. It is now disabled until the editing is complete.

  • We fixed the corruption of some rich content on the page (like emoticons and dates combined) when saving changes in any table.

  • In some cases, when saving changes, a popup appeared with the wrong information that someone edited the same table. We fixed that issue.

  • The handles for dragging cells (gray lines) are no longer overlaid when scrolling (only for Data Center).

  • We fixed the incorrect activation of the button for publishing changes (e.g. when clicking on the header cell).

  • We fixed bold printing of inactive buttons.

  • We fixed the visually active state of the undo-redo buttons when they actually cannot work properly.

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