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How can a Product Owner track value? – Our Jira reporting app for your Agile project management


Ask any Product Owner or Scrum Master for the ONE task they could streamline and the reply will most probably be reporting. This statement is often valid for organizations that are a blend of Waterfall and Agile, especially with Waterfall style reporting. But even true Agile teams cannot deny the importance of comprehensive reports to show value to the management and stakeholders.

Jira to optimize your reports

Jira is the number one software of choice for Agile teams globally. Over 80% of Agile practitioners surveyed for the 15th State of Agile Report responded that they use or recommend Jira. To simplify reporting in Jira, the widely used reporting app Report Builder offers efficient and effective solutions.

Report Builder by Actonic maximizes the benefits of Jira for Agile teams through its comprehensive features. This way, the reporting tool enables Product Owners and Scrum Masters to generate relevant reporting metrics and plan for successful project delivery.

The benefits of Report Builder for Jira

An effective Jira reporting app, like Report Builder, facilitates the cycle of continuous evaluation and improvement, which is the core of the Agile methodology. Scrum Masters and Product Owners achieve this through visibility into your team’s capacity via actionable insights that empower them to make intelligent decisions. It helps Scrum teams understand their progress and improve sprint planning by introducing objectivity in estimating Story Points to improve Sprint over Sprint.

Product Owners can extract Jira time tracking reports by user to get an accurate overview of the Scrum team’s capacity and allocate resources effectively. These reports are also crucial for calculating billable hours for specific projects.

Your benefits with Report Builder

  • Deep integration: Report Builder works on top of Jira

  • Manage multiple teams & projects

  • Use customizable templates from the integrated gallery

  • Allocate your resources efficiently

  • Share your reports with your team

  • Build individual reports through coding

Curious? Learn more about our Report Builder in our short product video:

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More Information


The Scrum framework is founded on empiricism, and reports play an important role in reviewing and adapting the approach of the Scrum methodology. Along with a direct impact on the Scrum team’s decisions, Report Builder allows you to generate Jira customized reports. With features like Product Backlog Reports and Burndown and Burnup charts, you focus on the progress of individual projects. This way of working fosters a transparent communication between the Product Owner, management and the stakeholders.

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Next level Jira Reporting with Report Builder

  • Create your own Jira custom reports
  • A clear roadmap for you and your team
  • No-code approach for intuitive usage
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