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GDPR (DSGVO) and Security for Jira: Version 1.14.9 Release Notes (Server/DC)

Data Cleaner

  • Improvement: The main page UI has been optimized. A task for user / ticket search and anonymization is created in the pop-up dialogue, where you can set all the parameters step by step.
  • New feature: A new setting has been added: “Disable user before starting anonymization” allows you to disable a user while the task is in progress. Use this setting to ensure that no new data will be created in the process of search / anonymization that will then not be included in the affected scope.


Recurring Tasks

  • New feature: A new function allowing you to clone an existing Recurring Task has been added.
  • Improvement: “Send email notification to” action type has been improved: now you can group results by specified parameters and send them to the user in a single email.
  • Improvement: The set of users in the “notification recipient” parameter has been expanded – a notification can now be sent to a project lead.

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