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We have outsourced our Atlassian licensing and services business to the newly founded Seibert Solutions GmbH. Actonic's products will be further developed under the usual name.

For our community: We go open source


We’ve got something for you: Some of our apps are now open source! With this step, we want to make a gift to our community and provide young developers with valuable training material.

What is open source?

Open source is a term for projects or software products whose source code is accessible and editable by the community free of charge. In addition to free editing, it also includes modifying and redistributing the (modified) variant.

Examples of open-source software are: LibreOffice, VLC Media Player, or GIMP.

Advantages of open-source software

The advantages of open source are obvious:

  • Ensure control – as soon as you want changes in the software, you can make adjustments to the code on your own.

  • Be on the safe side – because everyone has access to open-source software, possible errors in the code are not only discovered more quickly, but can also be fixed more quickly. Thanks to the dedicated community.

  • Fulfill educational purposes – young programmers in particular benefit from freely accessible codes that they can use to strengthen their skills.

Which Actonic apps are open source?

The Actonic open-source apps will no longer be worked on by us. We will stop updating them and open them completely to our customers.

Power Groovy for Jira

This app was created specifically for a customer who wanted to run Power Groovy scripts in Jira. Routine tasks can be automated, and Jira tasks can be processed in bulk.

URL Restrictions for Jira

Do you want to restrict Jira access for freelancers so they can’t access the admin panel? That’s quickly done with this app. It allows you to add flexible rules to Jira to manage the access permissions of specific users or groups.

This is just the start of our open-source community gift. Other apps will follow.

Open source for the community

Our apps are released under the GNU General Public License v3 and published on our GitHub profile. Use the codes as they are, or create your own free app based on them. Analyze the codes for educational purposes, or use them to reach your full potential yourself.

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