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The perfect guide for Jira to Jira integrations

Many teams use Jira to store their data. But getting data from one Jira to another can become a big technical headache. In this article, you’ll learn how a software integration can connect your multiple Jira instances and help teams work together, seamlessly.

JQL to show all Jira issues and subtasks for one Epic

Do you want to display all Jira issues and subtasks for one specific Epic? You can search manually for your tickets to get an overview for your issues. Or you use our JQL example. Read now and save lots of time with this advanced Jira search!

New Work through Atlassian Tools

New Work is the trend that will sooner or later getting the upper hand in the labor market. Learn about the benefits of New Work for employers and employees, and how Jira and Confluence can help you adopt the necessary work practices.

Jira announcement banner: creative examples

Out-of-the-box Jira announcement banners are easily overlooked. If you want to add images, logos or customize font size and colors, you need some HTML as well as CSS skills. We'll show you a solution to get totally creative with Jira announcements. These tips will spice up all company announcements. Read now!

Apply JSM approval workflow changes to pending status tickets

If you change the approval workflow in Jira Service Management, you have to make sure that the new settings are also transferred to tickets in pending status. Bulk changes unfortunately do not work at this point. In this exclusive tip, we will show you how to successfully transfer the new JSM approval workflow to tickets in pending status!

Confluence table sorting like a pro

Sorting Confluence tables unfortunately does not always work as expected. Filtering data in Confluence, rearranging columns or moving entire cells is often anything but intuitive. We’ll show you how to do it easily!

Jira pricing: minimize license costs with these tips

Jira pricing can be quite confusing. If you don't keep an eye on your user accounts, you can quickly find yourself switching to the next higher user level – and having to pay higher Jira license costs. Our tips will help you make tidy savings. Read now!