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We have outsourced our Atlassian licensing and services business to the newly founded Seibert Solutions GmbH. Actonic's products will be further developed under the usual name.

Atlassian consulting with real added value

Do you want to improve your company’s agility and productivity? Optimize processes, encourage teamwork, resolve support requests quickly, or manage incidents with ease? Whatever your concern, there’s bound to be an ideal Atlassian solution for you.

And we’ll help you find and implement it.

Jira, Confluence, Bamboo or Opsgenie – the Atlassian product suite offers a wide range of optimization possibilities. But it’s not easy to choose the right product and the appropriate hosting variant. Turn to Actonic’s Atlassian consulting service, and we’ll help you achieve your business goals as soon as possible.

Since our consulting is focused on helping you achieve your goals, we are happy to provide you with extensive and individual advice on all Atlassian solutions – including third-party apps, of course.

Contact us now, and we will provide you with detailed advice during a free initial consultation and without any obligation!

Chrysostomos Gitas, Sales

Achievements with Actonic

These companies are already convinced of our services

“Actonic provided excellent services to our team. We not only received support for the installation of Jira and Confluence, but also got an easy introduction of the applications. In addition, Actonic helped us to integrate the applications into our system and configured them according to our requirements. We already see how the usage simplify our workflows. Thank you very much for your effort!

Moritz Lieb

Development, First Cash Solution

“In order to optimize internal technical processes, we were looking for a flexible and trustworthy expert with a wide knowledge base in IT. In Actonic we were able to find a strong partner and would like to say thank you for quick implementations!”

Kai Doerk

CEO, ASEKURADO Versicherungsmakler GmbH

“Again, Actonic has supported us with its expertise and delivered great results which were quickly implemented in a productive environment.”

SENEC GmbH, Leipzig

“As a global technology leader, we invest in digital and innovative collaboration methods. To further optimize our agile project management, we enjoy holistic consulting and support in the implementation of our SAFe-based framework in Jira with Advanced Roadmaps and BigPicture. In a trusting atmosphere, we were shown tricks and practices from which we could benefit directly. It’s nice to be well advised and know exactly what to do!”

Raphael Rombach

Process and Change Manager, GTS Deutschland GmbH

Your benefits

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Finding customized an honest solutions
Work faster, more efficiently and more agile
Expertise from longstanding Atlassian consultants
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Trustworthy communication at eye level

Individual Atlassian consulting to find the right software

As a long-time Atlassian Solution Partner and Marketplace Vendor, we are true experts in identifying the perfect Atlassian solution for the most complex requirements. We help you with decision-making, licensing, implementation and daily support for all Jira variants and these following Atlassian products:


Confluence was developed as a document management system and is now used to exchange information safely and quickly in a centered manner and to edit it together in real time.


Bitbucket is a Git code management solution and allows software development teams to collaborate in a safe way. Thanks to version control, you are given perfect transparency.


With Statuspage you avoid duplicate support tickets and confusing email lists. From the analysis phase to bug fixing, you keep your users constantly informed.


Trello is a visual project management tool that takes teamwork to a new level. Boards can be created with many templates here. Real-time updates facilitate company-wide communication.


Bamboo is a Continuous Integration (CI) tool to streamline automated tests and releases into one workflow. Multi-stage build plans are quickly created while leaving enough time for programming.


As an incident management system, Opsgenie is ideal for detecting incidents and escalating alerts to the right people.

We also offer transparent consulting for all other Atlassian products like Halp, Sourcetree and more.

Atlassian consulting that inspires

Our experienced Atlassian consultants offer you the full range of consulting services, starting with detailed requirements’ analysis, process and platform consulting, implementations and finally the configuration of your excellent Atlassian solution. No matter, if you’re interested in Jira consulting, Confluence consulting or Atlassian license management, we’ve got you!

Actonic’s Atlassian consulting team is made up of a variety of great talents with different backgrounds, so their experience levels complement each other perfectly.

Our trustworthy, honest and transparent consulting is specifically tailored to you, no matter what industry you work in. With a focus on increasing your business value, we also advise you on Atlassian apps from other partners – our goal is your agile business success.

“Actonic consulting is so interesting to me because I get to learn about new constellations, situations, and challenges of our customers every day and I can contribute to making their work more efficient with customized solutions.”

Amal Khandly,
Head of Atlassian Consulting

The Atlassian consulting of Actonic convinces through these points

  • Implementation of Atlassian products in the company and in specialist departments (change management)
  • Regular health checks
  • Consulting on migration options for Data Center and Cloud
  • Strategy building for target-oriented updates of your software
  • Implementation of modern and efficient business management approaches such as Scaling Agile with SAFe
  • Data protection consulting for Jira, Confluence and cloud systems
  • Products (sizing, performance, maintenance) for all platforms (Server, Data Center and Cloud)
  • Transparent consulting on Atlassian Marketplace
  • Optimization of workflows, security schemes, custom fields, screen masks and much more
  • Experienced bug and incident management
  • Smooth integration with external products: No media discontinuities occur with us
  • Legacy system replacement and migration to Atlassian products (such as migration from HP QC to Jira / Xray)

Drive your business agile with Atlassian

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