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Video Tutorial: Jira for Project Managers

Jira with its multiple features is a great tool for Project Managers, who would like to plan their projects ahead. Projects in Jira are agile, their seettings can be changed easily and workflows are trackable. This allows Project Managers to stay on top of their projects and plan deadlines or the capacity of users. In this video tutorials, we will show you how to create projects, add users, change permissions and workflows.


Part 1 – Creating a project

In part 1, we will talk you through the first steps of project creation. You will learn everything about important fields, what the project menu will look like and how to change settings. You will also learn how to add issues to your project.

Part 2 – Users and Roles

In this part, we explain how new users and their roles can be added to your project. We will show you where to find role permissions and how to change them.

Part 3 – Custom workflows

Workflows are an important aspect of project management. In Part 3, we’ll show you the set up of workflows and explain what each status means and how workflows can be adjusted to your needs.

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