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The Future of Jira Reporting


Have you ever dreamed of a Jira reporting solution that's as powerful as the big BI tools yet as simple as your everyday reporting needs? Your dream is now a reality with the latest version of Report Builder's Universal Report.

Unfold Limitless Jira Reporting Capabilities

With the new Universal Report, measuring logged hours, counting issues, or aggregating them by various fields (dimensions) becomes a breeze. You can perform complex calculations within a single, comprehensive Jira report.

Report Builder by Actonic is not just another reporting tool; it’s a game-changer, meticulously designed to cater to your specific needs.

What’s different in the latest Universal Report?

We are proud to present the only worldwide solution that combines a great Business Intelligence (BI) experience with real-time data, all while offering simplicity and a no-code reporting environment.

The benefit of BI experience usually entails the consequence of a time delay. To obtain real-time data, the compromise so far has been to create simple reports and only create calculations of one dimension. Display original estimates and work logs in just one table? Impossible!

Making the impossible possible

At Actonic, we strongly want to empower Jira teams and each Jira user to create any Jira reports they need. That’s why we deliver you this update. Where big BI reporting power meets everyday reporting simplicity.

Universal Report in Numbers

  • Works seamlessly across 3 Jira Products: Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Jira Work Management

  • Offers an incredible 1,000,000 combinations of fields you can report on

  • Achieves blazing speeds, 8.5 times faster than the previous Universal Report: Get reports against thousands of issues in a matter of seconds!

  • Experience the robustness of BI in simple, real-time reporting.

Universal Report is not just a reporting tool; it’s your Jira companion, your reporting ally, and your BI champion.

Embrace the power of Universal Report today and redefine the way you report in Jira! Schedule a free demo or try this champion yourself!

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