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Jira Core vs Jira Software vs Jira Service Desk

A new course by Actonic – now available on Udemy

Jira Tutorial: Jira Core vs Software vs Service Desk rating

Thinking of going agile and getting started in Jira? Feeling overwhelmed by the available Jira versions? Struggling to make the right choice for you and your team? Don’t worry – you are in safe hands!

From Jira Version 7 onwards, Jira has split into three standalone applications: Jira Core, Jira Software and Jira Service Desk. In our new Udemy course (held in English), we explore the differences between these applications to help you make an informed choice of the app you need.

No prior requirements. Just enroll, listen and learn.

What you'll learn

In this course in English, we’ll look at:

  • the main differences between the three applications,
  • use cases for each application,
  • applications’ target audience,
  • the functions provided by each application,
  • project templates,
  • pricing models,
  • licensing.

Module 1. Introduction

  • About Actonic
  • What is Jira?
  • What is an application in Jira?

Module 2. Use cases and application overview

  • Jira Core | Introduction
  • Jira Core | Use cases
  • Jira Software | Introduction
  • Jira Software | Use cases
  • Jira Service Desk | Overview
  • Jira Service Desk | Use cases
  • Jira Core | Recap
  • Jira Software | Recap
  • Jira Service Desk | Recap

Module 3. Target users

  • The target users of each application

Module 4. Bundled project templates

  • Bundled Project Templates

Module 5. Pricing model / Licensing 

  • Pricing model
  • Licensing

Module 6. Additional notes

  • Jira Core, Software & Service Desk overview

Module 7. Conclusion

  • Summary

How will you benefit
from this course?

After completing this course, you will:

  • get valuable insights into each application,
  • be able to choose the right app for your needs and target users,
  • understand how to streamline your business processes using project templates,
  • see how you can tailor Jira to your business needs,
  • have an overview of the pricing and licensing plans.

This course is for...

  • users that are just getting started in Jira without extended rights,
  • anyone who is interested in Jira and wants to know more about the main differences between the modules,
  • system administrators who set up modules and projects,
  • software development teams,
  • Project Managers looking for a task management / ticket tracking tool.

Why learn from us?

We are…

  • …an Atlassian Solution Partner,
  • recognised Jira experts helping our customers streamline their processes and increase their efficiency,
  • experienced Jira trainers eager to share our vast knowledge and experience.

Enroll now and make an informed choice with Actonic!