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GDPR (DSGVO) and Security for Jira & Confluence: Cloud Update

Data Cleaner

  • New Feature: A new template type “Triggered by Page create/update event” has been added to our app version for Confluence and for jira. You can use it to immediately react on any unwanted content creation. Use this template type with combination of a new action “Restrict access to page” to “block” access to unwanted content directly after the creation.
  • New Feature: A new action “Restrict access to a page” has been added to GDPR (DSGVO) and Security for Confluence. You can use it to find unwanted content and restrict access to an affected page immediately. Only the content author will be able to see it and have to updated the content to avoid it blocks by the Data Cleaner.

Typical scenario, which could be solved with the newly added “Triggered by Page create/update event” template type and “Restrict access to page” action:

  1. Start the template automatically, when a new page is created or an existing page in a specific space is updated.
  2. Check page title and body using regex rules to find social security numbers, external e-mail addresses, or other sensitive data.
  3. If any rule matches: Restrict access to the page and only allow the author to view and edit it. Add a comment to the page to explain access restriction.
  • New Feature: You are now able to enable/disable search templates. It is very useful for managing multiple templates, triggered by “Page created” events.
  • New Feature: We’ve added an “Actor” field to the general template configuration. The user, selected as an actor, will be used for adding comments in Jira. The same behavior will be added to the next Confluence release as well.
  • New Feature: A rich library of built-in rules has been added. Use it to select one of the predefined patterns for searching credit card numbers, SSN, national ID’s and similar Personal Identifiable Information (PII).

Notifications & Announcements

  • Bug fix: The bug when opening links from policies / announcements / notifications in a new window has been fixed.

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