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What Atlassian Day 2022 by META-INF has in common with The Matrix

One of my favorite films is The Matrix. It masterfully plays with ideas about identity, perception, truth and transcendence. Of course, it also has amazing action, stunt work and – at that time – groundbreaking visual effects. But what does that have to do with the recently wrapped Atlassian Day 2022 by META-INF in Budapest?

Good food, the Danube and Pálinka: My experiences from META-INF Atlassian Day 2022

After a forced break due to corona, the live events are back in full swing this year. In June, we were at the META-INF Atlassian Day 2022 in Budapest. And what can I say? It was worth the trip! In this very personal article, you can read all about the highlights of the event and my experience of the trip to Budapest.

Corona management made easy with Jira

With the help of the Atlassian ecosystem, we present you a flexible solution to efficiently deal with new requirements, such as those brought about by the corona pandemic. Read now how Jira makes your life easier and reduces the effort enormously.