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Atlassian Server: End Of License Sale

We guide you through questions, the next steps & migration

It’s official: On Feb 02, 2021 Atlassian will stop selling new server licenses for Atlassian products and apps. On Feb 02, 2024 server licenses won’t be supported or updated anymore. This forces customers to migrate to Cloud or Data Center in the future.

We are aware of the questions and concerns of our customers and collected important information on which changes might affect you. We consult you in taking the right steps and assist in your individual migration process.

In a hurry? Find the most important dates for Server here:


End of sale for new licenses & price increase


Stop of up- & downgrades for server licenses


End of sale
for server apps


End of support
for server products & apps

How does the end of sale affect you?

Next Steps

  • We inform you, if Server, Cloud or Data Center is the right instance for your organization in the future.
  • Until February 2021 we renew your server license, if it fits your goals.
  • Until February 2022 we up- or downgrade your license, if it is useful for your organization.
  • We advise you in migration questions and consult you in every aspect.

Cloud vs. Data Center


Migration to Cloud

The Benefits
  • Lower cost of ownership & simple administration
  • Reduced risk of downtime & security issues
  • Leveraged automation & machine learning

Migration to Data Center

The Benefits
  • High availability & performance
  • Priority support
  • Cloud integration in Data Center
  • Data storage in your organization – GDPR compliance with Actonic
  • Data analysis & advanced user management
Our Support

As Atlassian partner we guide you through your migration with the Cloud Migration Center and offer migration support – for GDPR questions as well. We are connected with Atlassian and different partners, which allows us to enable customized migration processes.

If you would like to ease your migration, test out Atlassian’s migration assistent.

Interested in how Cloud is going to change? Check out the official roadmap.

Our Support

Migration is mostly profitable for enterprise customers and comes with many benefits. We support you in choosing and configuring the right infrastructure and IT architecture, as well as helping with installation, server-sizing and data migration.

Questions concerning your migration?

Frequently Asked Questions

Changes for Server, Cloud & Data Center

General changes

When will the changes happen?

First changes for Server licenses will happen on February 2nd, 2021. It will be the end of sale for new licenses.

Which products will the changes apply to?

End of sale and End of Support will apply to:

  • Jira Software Server
  • Jira Core Server
  • Jira Service Management Server
  • Confluence Server
  • Bitbucket Server
  • Crowd Server
  • Bamboo Server
  • Atlassian-built apps
  • Atlassian Marketplace Partner server apps
  • Exception: You will be able to purchase licenses for Fisheye and Crucible. A Bamboo Data Center version is in development. Until publishment, you will be able to purchase licenses for Bamboo as well.

Why will those changes happen?

Atlassian is focusing on Cloud more and more „Accelerating our journey to the cloud, together“ which is why they adjust their offer.


What will change for Server products & apps?

  • End of Sale: On 02.02.2021 license sale will end and prices will increase. Active licenses can be renewed for 3 years.
  • From 01.05.2021 on no new Server apps will be accepted. Because of decrease in purchases server apps might not be updated from now on.
  • 02.02.2022 Stop of upgrades & downgrades of server licenses. Only critical bugs will be fixed for server licenses.
  • 02.02.2023 End of sale for server apps.
  • End of Support: 02.02.2024 End of support for server products & apps

Is it possible to renew current licenses?

Current licenses for server can be renewed for 3 years before 02.02.2021.

It is possible to up- or downgrade licenses?

  • Starter licenses are defined as upgrades. Until 02.02.2021 you can upgrade your license.
  • Until 02.02.2022 you can up- or downgrade your existing license.

Will there be a refund for server licenses?

There will be a refund for 30 days after license purchasing. When you are migrating from Server, you are able to credit your paid bill.

What will happen, if I choose to continue with Server?

Until 02.02.2024 server products will receive support. Afterwards you will have to use your license without any support or updates.

What will happen to Server Apps if I migrate to Data Center?

Once you change instances, you will have to change your subscription as well.


What will change for Cloud?

Cloud instances had some updates already in the last few months. Read more over here. Atlassian is offering loyalty discounts for migrations from Server to Cloud up to 55 %.

Will there be a higher scalability for users in Cloud?

Yes, Atlassian is working on higher scalability for users in Cloud.

Will there be more flexibility concerning pricing?

Yes, in 2021 Atlassian plans on adding promo codes to Cloud.

Data Center

What will change for Data Center?

  • Data Center will be available for 501+ users.
  • In order to keep up with capacities and functionalities, prices will increase. Existing customers will receive a loyalty discount. We also save you up to 140 % of additional costs.
  • Data Center products will be expanded with Bamboo Data Center.
  • Customers will receive priority support.
  • Cloud Integration into Data Center
  • The following apps will be part of Data Center Basic Software:
    • Jira Software Data Center: Advanced Roadmaps (formerly known as Portfolio for Jira)
    • Confluence Data Center: Team Calendars & Analytics
    • Jira Service Desk Data Center: Insight – Asset Management and Insight Discovery

Will Atlassian work on expanding Data Center centers?

Yes, Atlassian is currently working on a roadmap for expanding Data Center centers.

Will the user tier of Data Center be adjusted?

No, there are no official plans for adjusting the user tier to lower than 500 users.

Price information

Which price changes will take place?

  • Prices for server license renewal and updates will increase, to ensure safety and performance.
  • Prices for Data Center licenses will increase. There will be a loyalty discount for customers migrating from Server to Data Center or Cloud. We also will ensure current prices when purchasing a license now. The sooner the migration will take place, the higher the discount can be.
  • Atlassian Cloud Software will have a discount code for non-profit open-source projects.

More on our price information page.


Until when should I migrate my license?

Choosing the right time (and the right instance) for migration depends on your vision and structure. Contact us for free consulting and a customized migration plan.

Which options are possible?

You have different options to choose from:

  • Migrate to Data Center now
  • Migrate to Cloud now
  • Stay with Server
  • Get in contact with us for your individual options and time schedule

Depending on your migration there are different pros and cons as well as steps to take. Contact us for a free consulting session.

Is there any migration support?

What we can do for you

Actonic – your powerful partner

  • We analyze your toolset, your instance(s) & future vision.
  • We will find the best solution for you & advise you in taking the right path.
  • We inform you about loyalty discounts, if you plan on migrating to Data Center.
  • We save you up to 140 % additional costs and ensure current Data Center prices for several years, if you get in contact with us now.
  • We create individual time schedules for your next steps.
  • We offer support & consulting for Atlassian products & apps.

You want
to know more?

Contact us to talk to our experts, have all your questions answered and get an individual quotation.

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