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Assignable users in Jira

Assignable users are those users that an issue can be assigned to. They can view or edit the issue.

The problem

Do you need to limit the number of assignable users per issue type to only specific users? Try taking the steps below.

The solution

1. Create a workflow for the issue type.

2. Create roles and assign them to the project.

3. Create a new permission scheme or edit the permission scheme, especially the Assignable user setup.

4. Create a new screen that contains the Assignee field.

5. Assign the screen you have just created as a transitions screen to the workflow.

6. Define the Status Property as follows:

  • Property: jira.permission.assignable.projectrole
  • Value: Role_ID, for example: 11004

That should do it. Now, when trying to assign an issue within a Transition screen, you will be able to select only from the list of people that are assigned to the previously set role.

We hope it helps. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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