We have outsourced our Atlassian licensing and services business to the newly founded Seibert Solutions GmbH. Actonic's products will be further developed under the usual name.

Jira customization

Skyrocketing Jira’s power with individual development

In order to use Jira as a universal, powerful and flexible tool, admins, developers and consultants should be aware of Jira’s customization opportunities – and should know how to achieve it. Either through optimizing Jira in detail for internal usage or adjusting it to customer needs.

Our highly profiled and Jira certified experts with a development background will present and teach you the magic in Jira customization training sessions.

Variants & Content

Topic & target group Content Duration

Jira’s customizations for Jira admins, developers & consultants

Requirements: Jira admin knowledge, ACP 100 or ACP 600
  • How to use ScriptRunner?
  • How to use JSIncluder?
  • How to use Power Groovy?
  • How to work with JQL functions & adjust them?
2 day


We adjust our Jira training to the attendees’ knowledge and goals, but in general the training is for:

  • Jira admins
  • Developer
  • Consultants
  • Employees with skill level ACP 100 or ACP 600

Right now our developer training will take place remotely.

The length depends on the content, attendees’ knowledge and goals. It’s scheduled for roughly 2 days, but can be extended.

We offer the training in English.

Our trainings are delivered by qualified experts with multiple years of experience with Jira, admin role and extensive development background.

Depending on the attendees’ knowledge and goals we will start with Jira customization basics. If there are specific questions concerning features or individual settings, we will talk them through as well.

The training can be interactive: The participants will work hands-on during the training and try the steps and features (workshop with homework). It is also possible to present everything and organize a Q&A session afterwards (webinar).

Simply contact us to schedule your training and we will discuss the details like training content, dates and numbers of attendees.

Why to train with Actonic

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Work with two powerful
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Learning by doing

Focus on customizing Jira,
not workflows

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Become a Jira expert

Allow your business and teams to grow faster and scale better with customized Jira instances.