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Removing a screen’s field in Jira

Screens group all the fields that are available in Jira projects. However, in some cases, you may be required to remove one of the fields. How do you do it? Try taking the steps below.

The Problem

A customer wants the field “T-Shirt Size” to be removed.

The Solution

  1. Find the respective project.
  2. Go to the Project Settings and select the Screens view.

3. Click on the edit icon to view the screen schemes of the project. Pay special attention to the issue type where the field should not appear anymore and isolate it if necessary.

4. Ensure that the scheme concerns only the required project.

5. Click on the screen link to view the screen.

6. Make sure that the screen only affects the required project and search for the field to be removed.

7. Remove the affected field from the screen.

The field “T-Shirt Size” will not be displayed on the project screen anymore.

Please note: The values of the removed fields can still be found when searching for them with JQL.

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