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Information systems are becoming incredibly complex and managing SLAs is getting more complicated with so many layers to IT infrastructure. Having the ability to glean information and insights about this infrastructure is thus becoming increasingly important. Before we get into this, let’s consider a different area of technology for a moment. You are surely aware of the rise and exciting possibilities of Augmented and Virtual Reality. Consider an example of the capabilities AR could offer. In the world of automobile technicians, there is a lot of information that needs to be memorized about vehicles. Not only is this difficult for one vehicle alone, there are thousands of makes, models, and changing technology that must be understood. Now imagine you could put on a lens that visualizes every component of a vehicle parked in front of you. You could rearrange and look up data about each piece, how it interacts with the whole system, troubleshoot what component is broken or worn, and much more. AR is going to revolutionize education and grow industry expertise in this and many other fields. Imagine what could be done in the medical field! In terms of IT monitoring solutions, Zabbix can offer your organization the insight into your infrastructure with the power of the AR example above.

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A key benefit of Zabbix is that it’s been built for and has become the leading monitoring solution across almost every industry. Especially those with complex infrastructures like Aerospace, Finance, Healthcare, and Retail. The fact that Zabbix has the ability to compile, monitor, and visualize data from thousands of servers while still being open-source and having a low configuration learning curve is incredible. Zabbix can be scaled to the enterprise level where you can begin using it for capacity planning, reducing operational inefficiency, integrating with business solutions such as support, planning, and development. Talk to us about Zabbix, and learn how you can benefit from monitoring…well everything!

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