The 3-Star Michelin of IT Infrastrucure

Some of the most innovative solutions come from repurposing seemingly unrelated ideas or methodologies and applying them to a problem that needs solving. What would happen if we started looking at cloud infrastructure as a 3-Star Michelin restaurant?  Maybe you’d start seeing test environments as test kitchens where cooks refine their recipes before they are ready to serve the dishes that earn the 3-Star rating. Maybe you’d start seeing your infrastructure teams like front of house, back of house, hosts, and managers all needing to have a common understanding of ingredients, menu options, spatial layout, drink pairings, customer service, etc. No restaurant can achieve success without a highly integrated and nimble team that can continuously evolve and grow the body of knowledge and thus the quality of the product and experience for customers and employees alike. Chef is the 3-Star Michelin of IT infrastructure.

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  • Customization
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Chef is our favorite automation platform for DevOps. It’s a language for IT infrastructure that gives you the freedom to build and integrate continuously. Chef essentially turns your infrastructure into code, then packages it into reusable building blocks called “Cookbooks.” These cookbooks are stored in Chef Server and every node has a Chef client installed that retrieves the cookbooks and updates them if they’re out of date. Chef has its own test kitchen, Chef DK (Development Kit) that offers a host of tools for testing work before deployment to production. In Chef Automate, you have a platform for continuous delivery that is easy to audit and has automatic compliance and security testing. Chef is a powerhouse in DevOps. 3-Star Michelin restaurants are able to serve up world-class fare because they eradicate silos. Servers, cooks, hosts, bartenders, and management all know the infrastructure of the restaurant. Additionally, Chef has an incredibly well produced education platform that promotes Chef best practices. We haven’t seen many cloud automation platforms that are as innovative as Chef. What are you waiting for – go learn Chef!

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