Atlassian JIRA

The gold standard for Agile teams.

If Actonic aims to embody agile as an organization, then JIRA would be the tool that embodies agile in software development. It is absolutely the gold standard.


In the 1940s, automobile manufacturer Toyota revolutionized process engineering by inventing a new methodology based on supermarket inventory methods. Instead of basing production on supply, they began to match production with current inventory and demand. This was the first stage of what became known as the Toyota Production System (TPS): a methodology aimed to design out inconsistency, operate flexibly, and eliminate waste in the manufacturing process. The goal was to be as lean as possible. With the TPS, we start to see the kindling of ideas that led to Agile over 60 years later.

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Today, lean process management has been applied to nearly every industry, and software development is now on the cutting edge. Many people are familiar with JIRA, but mostly for its service desk; not the host of additional planning and tracking products it contains. The JIRA suite combines the best features from the methodologies in process management that have developed over the last seven decades to ensure that your team operates efficiently, flexibly, and consistently. It is one of the only project management tools that we’ve found to be a delight, rather than a burden, to work with. JIRA is agile by design. Project boards are visualized according to scrum and Kanban principles. Reporting is robust and flexible. JIRA even has a portfolio management tool that allows organizations to plan, forecast, and manage their project roadmap across numerous teams. If you aren’t using JIRA or think you can be getting more out of it, we can help!

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