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Most teams in a fast-paced, corporate setting have to manage two competing forces when it comes to fostering effective collaboration; documentation and efficiency. Documentation is extremely important for accountability and unifying efforts. Efficiency is the result of a well-informed and integrated team. Unfortunately, there is often a tendency to inadvertently sacrifice one or the other. With poor documentation, we are wasting time trying to keep track of resources and relevant information, and a poorly integrated and informed team leads to difficulty getting the correct information to the relevant stakeholders. We’ve all worked on projects where all the information about a particular process is owned by one person or spread inconsistently between multiple people or tools, and it’s not great.

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Consistent and easily accessible information is a must.  With Confluence, project files can be made quickly, in beautifully designed and easily navigable formats with sharing and collaboration built in to maximize productivity. Documentation shouldn’t take up all of your focus. It should be a tool for keeping teams moving quickly and smoothly. Confluence has become the industry standard, and  businesses can rely on it to keep their teams and projects achieving world class successes.

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