Ansible is our complexity assassin

We love using Ansible for DevOps solutions because it absolutely crushes complexity around app deployment and system management. DevOps teams waste a lot of time doing tedious and repetitive configuration tasks that Ansible automates and makes easily scalable across an organization. A recent client of ours was frustrated with their server configuration process, and Ansible was a game changer. In our client’s organization, there was one administrator that was manually configuring updates to nine different servers almost every day. For each of the nine servers, he repeated the same steps. This manual configuration took up nearly all the administrator’s time each week and introduced huge risk of human error into the process. This is simply poor design. The first thing we did was set up Ansible on a Windows server environment and automated the process so that the entire set of nine server configurations could be done with the click of a few buttons. The effect was nearly the same as hiring another administrator that, apart from initial setup, was of no cost. Our client’s administrator now had time to perform other more important tasks such as monitoring, performing security checks, addressing network issues, and more. The company saw significantly fewer server-related errors and was much nimbler because the human element was removed from the process.

How we make Ansible work for you:

  • Installation
  • Hosting
  • Consulting
  • Customization
  • Add-On Development
  • Training
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We want to add another note about the administrator, because we believe people are the most important piece in any business, despite our industry being computer-focused. After Ansible freed up the administrator’s time to do more important, value-adding tasks, his quality of work skyrocketed and he felt much more empowered in his job. Before we automated the process, he was frequently discouraged and frustrated with the inefficiency and the errors that he made due to the repetitive, tedious nature of his role. Empowered employees are happy employees. Ansible can empower everyone on your DevOps teams and thus boost productivity and quality of work.

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